Kashmir: Where beauty sings songs of pain

Kashmir: Where beauty sings songs of pain

October 13, 2018

Spate of violence has pushed the whole population into a cycle of fear, distress and anguish

Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi


There is no denying to the fact that the valley of Kashmir is the paradise on earth. Every part of it is witness to the glorious and magnanimous creation of nature that the valley has been bestowed with.

Be it, the mighty slow clad mountains, crystal clear springs, beautiful meadows or picturesque scenery, everything is in utmost perfection, thus, making every human being wonder, at the benevolence of nature, towards the valley of Kashmir. This however doesn’t end here. There is more to than meets the eye.

The Valley is boastful not only for its superior creation and appearance but for what it is abode to. The splendid and remarkable flora and fauna adds to the aesthetic value of Kashmir.

The magnificent lakes are so eye pleasing that anyone can get lost while dreaming about their exquisiteness. This heavenly piece of land is so mesmerizing that it drives people to the limits of their imaginations to recollect the moments spend here. This isn’t enough.

The Valley of Kashmir is home to the most generous and hospitable people, too. Their friendly and cordial gesture of treating people irrespective of any difference is praiseworthy everywhere and has won accolades. They have this inherent quality in their blood, which they display everywhere.

Although with all such qualities in mind, it is very obvious to decipher that the Valley of Kashmir would be the most beautiful place to live in. But in actual the ground situation is altogether different.

The political uncertainties have taken a toll on the lives of people. The spate of violence has pushed the whole population into a cycle of fear, distress and anguish. All the previous gains that had been made exist nowhere now. The vicious cycle of ferocity has shaken everyone to the core and have made them reluctant about their future.

The two decade old violence has left innumerable tales of pain and agony on the streets of the Valley. Thousands of people have been killed and maimed on account of law and order concerns.

The presence of draconian laws such as PSA and AFSPA, which gives unbridled powers to the security forces to deal with any kind of situation, with impunity, is a serious blow on the law enforcing agencies.

Every inopportune incident is followed by enquiry orders, which seldom gets completed in a time bound manner. The instructions for exercising restraint while dealing with public outcry by security forces are being highlighted time and again, but the evident conditions raise many eyebrows about its adherence.

There are piles of cases pending for enquiries, thus, delaying the justice to the victim, which in itself is travesty of justice.

While the whole Valley is engulfed in turbulent conditions, the level of alienation seems to be out of bounds to contain, which is very much sufficient to have serious consequences in the nearby future.

With the dangerous trend of young and very educated boys taking up arms, the situation has become very volatile, owing to the government’s inability to resolve the tension that exists in the Valley. This trend is not receding by any means, thereby, posing a potential threat to the administration.

With the conditions in the Valley deteriorating further, the Valley is on the losing end in every sphere. Be it its economy or the education, both are getting impacted badly.

The economic slowdown is giving sleepless nights to the people as it is pushing them towards a more miserable life while the student community isn’t been able to take advantage of the blessing of education to nourish themselves and be skilful like others in the different parts of the world.

The work culture in the Valley is also getting a serious blow owing to the tempestuous conditions. The inability of the authorities to struck a balance between the aspirations of the people and the key deliverables have left them shattered.

Normal life gets disrupted by the continuous spate of killings, followed by the hartals and many anti-government campaigns.

It is very much important to understand the genesis of this conflict, so, as to arrive at a logical and well agreeable solution, without which, the issue of Kashmir will continue to be a hanging sword on the people of Kashmir, which can have disastrous effects.

The estrangement that has run deep into the hearts and minds of Kashmiri people needs an immediate resolution, which till time hasn’t been addressed in a much proper way.

Both the countries need to have a much better perspective about the melancholies of the people of Kashmir, as they do have the same feelings and desires which the rest of the people of the world have, regarding their basic rights.

While the conflict resolution needs primary attention, but the essence of providing basic necessities and meeting up the requirements of the people of Kashmir is essential, too.

So far there is a mismatch between their aspirations and the duties of the government, they will continue to be at loggerheads against each other.

Unless they are being heard and given due respect, not much change can be expected. The Kashmir conflict has engulfed generations which needs to be contained immediately for the larger benefit of the people and the sooner it is, the better it is.

Let the leaders from both sides give a patient hearing to the appeals of the Kashmiri people regarding their grievances.

Let there be peace in the Valley and the flowers of contentment and prosperity bloom again.

Let the bloodshed stop and the valley regain its lost charm and stand for what the nature has made it an example of.

Let the chirping birds sing the songs of happiness and joy.

Let the fountains and lakes be a source of never ending serenity which allures one and all to the boundless charisma of the valley.

Let the magnificence of every sunrise bring along with it a never ending world of opportunities for a graceful and blissful life.

Let the winds spread the message of love all along the valley to re-establish the bond of trust and harmony.

Let the human values and humanity be more sacred to one and all than anything else.

Let the Valley bloom, the way it did, in the past, to relive and reconstruct the lost glory.

Let the Valley of Kashmir be the paradise for all the known and unknown reasons.