Kashmiri American Council Statement on Hanging of Afzul Guru

The Kashmiri American Council today offered its heartfelt condolences to the family of Mohammad Afzal Guru on his demise.  They condemned, in the strongest possible terms, Guru’s hanging, and called upon all peace and justice respecting entities to come forward together to join in their outrage.  Expressing sheer shock and disappointment, it joined a chorus of others mourning the lack of transparent judicial processes in India.  The KAC reviewed numerous steps of the facade known as Guru’s trial, and chided the Indian government for engaging in such charade merely for domestic political gain.  Quoting Shashikumar Velath, Program Director of Amnesty International India, "He did not receive legal representation of his choice, or a lawyer with adequate experience at the trial stage."

Noting that the Kashmir High Court Bar Association had been the first to raise its voice against the sham Guru trial, the KAC reminded the puppet government that there was never any concern raised by the so-called government over the manner in which Guru was tried, nor question raised concerning the manufactured evidence linking Guru to the 2001 Indian Parliament attack.  Significantly, the so called government failed to demonstrate any loyalty to its people, failing to lift the veil of shame from its face by remaining a mute spectator to the events.  They instead offered complete curfew and blanket arrest of Kashmir’s resistance leadership.  No less a personality than Omar Abdullah admitted to having been made aware of the Indian Government’s plans to execute Guru, and he willingly accepted the execution of yet another Kashmiri with nary a protest.  In an attempt to save face, the puppets attempted to distance themselves from the act, proclaiming that they did not have to sign any death warrant, in a futile, further shameless act.

The KAC expressed their sincere appreciation and thanks to Indian human rights activists and people of conscience, for having raised their voice against such injustice from Day 1 of this unfortunate saga.  Even today, those raising their voice were attacked for simply calling for justice for all.  The Board further expressed its admiration of the courage demonstrated in the villages of Kashmir, where despite police enforced curfew, the people gave voice to their feelings, demonstrating against the heinous crime and declaring their support for Guru’s family and their desire for freedom from Indian occupation.

History is witness that the people of Kashmir have neither seen nor experienced justice from India at any level.  Remembering Kashmir’s numerous martyrs, the KAC recalled Shaheed Maqbool Butt’s upcoming death anniversary of February 11.  In an unfortunate and grotesque coincidence, India again has refused to release the mortal remains of Kashmir’s martyr.  They have instead preferred to add insult to injury, and buried Guru’s remains in Tihar jail, along with Shaheed Maqbool Butt.  It is the height of bigotry that India has failed to release the remains of 2 of Kashmir’s sons for the proper and dignified performance of their last rites.  The Board joined in the Kashmiris’ collective demand that the mortal remains of both be returned to Kashmir without further delay.

The KAC renewed its pledge to support Kashmiris in their unfettered quest seeking their right to self determination.

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