Kashmiri lawyers protest, seek HC intervention in Kathua case

The lawyers on Monday took to streets in protest to the alleged cover up of a rape and murder of nomad girl in Kathua.
The High Court Bar Association (HCBA) said that the High Court should intervene in the case. While moving from Srinagar High Court premises to Lal Chowk, members of HCBA protested to show solidarity against the Kathua victim and her family.

President, High Court Bar Association, Advocate Mian Qayoom said, “The High Court has a power to transfer the cases to itself as the circumstances in Kathua are not conducive to hold the trials.”
Also the protesting lawyers demanded that the case should be preceded on fast track basis. “The High Court should nominate a judge who should be given exclusive task of completing the trail of the case as soon as possible,” said Advocate Qayoom.

Apart from demanding death penalty to the guilty, Advocate Qayoom also demanded the strict punishment against those who impede the course of justice. “Those who interfered when the charge sheet was about to be filed and those who refused to accept the related documents shall be treated under law,” said advocate Qayoom.

Advocate Bashir Siddique, said that the case should go on the patterns as Nirbhaya Rape Case in Delhi was heard.
Condemning against the act of Bar Association Jammu where lawyers of Bar Association Jammu barred the police from producing charge sheet against the accused. “There has been 27 years and more and we have never interfered or barred police from discharging their duties. What Jammu Bar did was very unfortunate,” he said.

Senior Advocate Noor Mohammad said that the court should provide such conducive atmosphere so that the witnesses will come forward themselves and they won’t be pressurized by any agency.
Another senior Advocate Zaffar Qureshi said that the worst part was done by some of the lawyers in Jammu who prevented the police from producing charge sheet. “Worst part is lawyers are defending the accused and now the case has taken a communal face. Just because a victim was a Muslim and accused are Hindu doesn’t mean that justice won’t prevail,” said Advocate Zaffar.
Lawyers also considered the idea of transferring the case to Chandigarh is loaded with malice.
“This will drag the case and nothing else. The case will go like sex scandal case of Srinagar where no result was drawn. The witness will have to travel to other place. Shifting the case at this moment will hamper as the witnesses’ recordings have not been taken yet,” said lawyers.