Kashmiris are the primary party to the dispute

I would suggest the organizers to prepare conference’s recommendations and I will like to present it personally to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Also the extensive version should be presented to members of National Assembly and Foreign Affairs Committee of Senate of Pakistan. 

There are many voices rising that it is the people of Kashmir to decide to join Pakistan or India. Arvind Kejriwal, leader of the Aam Aadmi Party, made a comment about Kashmir and the rights of people of Kashmir. His thoughts represent creeping thoughts in common people’s mind in India that what they have gained by spending billions in subjugating people of Kashmir. Former PM of Occupied Kashmir Farooq Abdullah once told me that they have made a mistake by leading for India and asking Kashmiris to be for India and now we feel if people are asked, they will vote for Pakistan. There are growing number of Indians who said instead of spending so much billions and billions and killing Kashmiris or to get killed, we could have purchased several areas greater than Kashmir but we have got today no support of people of Kashmir. –

India doesn’t like participation of Kashmiris in dialogue but we believe that they are the first party and it is their right to determine their future. We have to reopen this case in the court of international community. We should approach media and people working for Kashmir cause. Kashmiris themselves are very articulate and they can present their case better than anyone else. They have first right to speak about their case, therefore, they should be facilitated to go to the international community to present their case. –
Kashmir and Pakistan have a common history and have common future and we cannot be separated. This is a commitment made by the leadership of founders of Pakistan and we will continue to keep this promise close to our heart. Pakistan should remain steadfast and should not buckle under any pressure. Recently PM told Americans that bilaterally we have tried to convince India but they are not convinced. There is no way out except the international community and powerful states having influence on India to come forward. We are asking for arbitration to bring India and Pakistan closer for a solution to this perennial problem. –