Kashmiris being forced to keep count of their dead:January 4th to be observed as Youm-ul-Taqadus,

“Every nation at the end of the year proudly announces its achievements in various fields, sets new targets for the coming year and compares their previous short comings to ensure better quality of life in future, but our nation is forced to keep the count of our dead ones, keep the record of death and destruction around us,” stated a joint statement issued by Geelani, Mirwaiz and Malik.

The three leaders met at Geelani’s Hyderpora residence today and discussed in detail the prevailing political situation in the Valley and recent incident of waving of ISIS flags inside the Jamia Masjid.
After the meeting, the three leaders issued a joint statement and condemned the unfortunate incident of desecration of pulpit of Jamia Masjid Srinagar by a group of masked youth last Friday.

“These mischievous actions cannot be tolerated and people should be cautious and conscious about such disrespectful events,” they said.
The leaders announced to observe January 4 as “Youm-ul-Taqadus” and jointly to offer Friday prayers at Jamia Masjid on the Friday.

Describing 2018 as “Red-18”, they said the human blood is spilled all over the state. “Every street, every slope, busy markets, open fields or even long and torturous borders– everywhere there is blood of humans, be it of armed youth, common people, government informers, political workers, civilians, policemen or even Indian armed forces, everybody’s blood is red and whenever it is spilled, humanity ceases to exist.”
The thee leaders said over 587 violent incidents have led to death of 240 armed youth, 37 civilians and 86 armed forces in addition to thousands of bullet and pellet injuries.

“Scores of residential houses have been raised to ground by the dynamites. The elderly people, kids and women have been made to shiver in bone chilling temperature of -8, setting new records of cruelty and inhumanness and south Kashmir is the worst hit. Dozens of our budding youth are killed daily and forces are celebrating this bloodshed, because they have been licensed to kill us to get the perks and privileges on every life lost to their trigger,” they alleged.

The leaders said Kashmir nation is fighting a military might for last 7 decades. “A few youth with minimal weaponry have engaged more than a million forces with latest armory– now time has come for our nation to be united to safeguard their own collective sacrifices. They should stop becoming tools by the greedy stooges, who always strengthen the grip of forces only for their personal gains.”

They said that these self-centered, multi-faced pro-Indian politicians every now and then pop up with latest slogans. “Nowadays they are again raising “Autonomy” plank, sometimes they yell to Hurriyat to “go ahead” just to encash the public sentiment, they roar with the slogan of “Bharat Mata Ki Jail” to appease their masters. They come together to share the power, they can cross any limit and even the blood bath to retain their chair.”

“Every pro-Indian group competes with rivals in killings, maiming, blinding and destruction. If one killed hundreds of school going children like Tufail Matoo and Wamiq Farooq, other in her tenure sarcastically commented “milk and toffee” remarks to justify ruthless killings. Now the fresh entrants, masters in the art of deceit and appeasement, groomed and nourished in the lap of saffron brigade have been assigned the job of collaborators. Political vultures from every filth and dampness are attracted to this new power source,” they said.

The leaders pledged not to surrender before the Indian military might and reiterated their commitment to continue the struggle for right to self-determination despite all odds.
They also urged United Nations and International Human Rights Organizations to take cognizance of recent report by UNHRC about the deteriorating human values and prevailing bloodshed in J&K and urged them to use their good offices and to take steps for its peaceful resolution and for putting an end to this bloodshed by the Indian forces.