Kashmiris firmly stood like a rock against Indian occupation, Ashraf Sehrai

Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai whose son was martyred yesterday at Nawakadal in an encounter with Indian forces has said that the Kashmiri people are firmly stood like a rock against Indian occupation and will eventually get the freedom from India if we respect and honour our martyrs and continue the mission of martyrs. He was speaking to a gathering at his residence today.

Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai who is the chairman of the Tehreek-e-Hurriyat (TeH) – Jammu and Kashmir, said,” Kashmiris have stood like a rock and faced extreme difficulties and atrocities, still, they are standing firmly, now my request to you is that you have to fulfil your responsibility, I am not counted my self separate from this responsibility, it is also my responsibility, those who were motivated and decided to sacrifice their lives for this struggle, and finally sacrificed their lives. Now the sacrifices of martyrs demand that we should respect and honour the sacrifices of those martyrs, not to forget martyrs and we should continue this struggle, struggle for freedom for Islam, and if we after achieving freedom continue secularism like the Indian secularism, then that freedom is not correct one and that struggle is not permissible in Islam, the struggle should be for Islam, for supremacy of Islam, till Deen e Haq is established, this is what the Kashmiris are meant for and Inshallah Allah will be blessed with Kashmiris.”