Kashmiris have a connection to felicitate the Kingdom of Belgium for Belgian National Day

Executive Director Kashmir.Foundation and Editor Kashmir Watch Abdul Latif Bhat has felicitated the Belgian King Philippe on the eve of Belgium’s National Day. Abdul Latif has also urged people of Kashmir, who are under Indian military lockdown over past one year, to congratulate the Belgium King on this day and request him to play his role for resolution of long-standing Kashmir dispute with the same spirit that it had played during the 1948 military confrontation between India and Pakistan over Kashmir issue.

He said that Kashmiris are thankful for the contribution of the Kingdom of Belgium moving the resolution 39 at the United Nations Security Council Resolution, adopted on January 20, 1948, that offered to assist in the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir Conflict.

It was largely influenced by the special British delegation headed by Philip Noel-Baker, the British Cabinet minister for Commonwealth Relations, sent to the United Nations for handling the Kashmir dispute. The resolution passed by nine votes, with Ukrainian SSR and the Soviet Union abstaining.

Passing 39 Resolution has paved the way to the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan’s (UNCIP) with the task to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir. It existed from June 1948, until March 1950. The United Nations Representative for India and Pakistan was Sir Owen Dixon. His task was to assume the responsibilities of UNCIP, to prepare for the Plebiscite Administrator for Jammu and Kashmir, and to assist in preparation for and supervision of demilitarization.

This historical support has made Kashmiris a special connection to felicitate the Kingdom of Belgium for Belgian National Day.

He said Kashmir is bleeding for the past 32 years and has now become a nuclear flashpoint after the recent faceoff between two nuclear powers in the Ladakh region which is also a part of the unresolved disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that the Kingdom of Belgium has now more responsibility to repeat its role for establishing peace in Kashmir as now it has established a reputation in the field of diplomacy by hosting the diplomatic missions of the European Parliament, European Union and NATO.

According to the officials, this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Belgium’s National Day celebrations on 21 July are changing. The festivities will pay homage to those who cooed with the COVID-19 crisis and commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

The programme of 21 July 2020 :

14:00 – King Philippe and the royal family arrive at Place des Palais
A flyover by five F-16 jets releasing smoke to create a Belgian flag and speech by the King
Procession of 10 historical vehicles from the Second World War
A flyover by a military helicopter with the Belgian flag
The ceremony finishes with a homage to the heroes of the coronavirus crisis
Abdul Latif Bhat who is born Indian occupied Kashmir & based in Belgium has urged Kashmiris to spread the awareness on social media today Tuesday 21st July 2020 by using the message with the hashtags “#BleedingKashmir and #IndianOccupiedKashmir felicitates the Kingdom of Belgium #BelgianNationalDay, #2020BelgianNationalDay, #BelgianDay, #21JulBelgianDay and #BelgianIndependenceDay.”