Kashmiris have once again displayed that above everything is humanity

With the families of the deceased army soldiers, who lost their lives in Sunjwan encounter, yet not reconciling with the tragedy, national media and few others, seem shamelessly indulging in gaining the dividends from this horrible attack. It is strange, and painful, that whenever army or police kill militants they curse Kashmiris for mourning their deaths, for the reason they being the militants.

But when someone wearing a uniform loses his life, state asks masses to feel the pain of the family members of deceased soldiers. State has a logic that militants are terrorists and they deserve to be killed, while security forces are the heroes fighting against anti-national elements. However, majority of Kashmiris have a different view point and they believe militants to be fighting for a cause. People justify their taking up arms as a last resort to resolve Kashmir dispute. People also accuse New Delhi of forcing Kashmiris, especially youth, to the wall. The viewpoint of the warring factions is debatable, but one universal moral point can never be challenged; once someone loses life, whosoever he may be and whatsoever his political views and activities may be, he deserves a funeral in accordance to the principals and traditions laid down by his religion. The funerals of the deceased Army soldiers needs to be seen purely through that angle, without committing the shameful act of using it for political gains.

While Kashmiris are accused, by some fringe elements, of forcing Kashmiri Pandits to migrate, there are dozens of examples when the majority community performed the last rites of Hindus in Kashmir. In many such incidents we witnessed huge participation, and people paying them homage. As such participation of local masses in funerals of deceased soldiers should never be seen as a revolt against those on the other side of this contest, as is being propagated by a section of Indian media, especially the TV channels. It is the real Kashmiryat, and religious duty of every Muslim to participate in the last rites of a deceased person. It has nothing to do with owning or rejecting the ideas of a deceased person.
The propaganda of Indian TV channels that participation of locals in the funerals of slain soldiers is a turning point is nothing more than an attempt to create sensationalism to mislead the Indians and the world community. Let’s not forget that the responsibilities of state, and state actors, are always much more than that of the non-state actors. While majority of Kashmiris, despite being in confrontation with the state have achieved a moral victory over army and the other state apparatus by attending in good numbers the funerals of slain soldiers.
The state had no answers to explain what is the logic or the moral ground to burry alleged foreign militants at unknown places, and without performing their last rites to the satisfaction of the community. Let army learn a lesson, how Kashmiris responded just few days after the shameful Shopian massacre at the hands of Army, by paying homage to the soldiers at Maidanpora Lolab, Hayhama Kupwara and Reshipora Tral. Let everybody judge and decide who proved more human, Kashmiris or the state. While the soldiers had a full state at their backing, and the harsh ultranationalist media to defend their brutalities, Kashmiris find none on their side. But they still don’t cross the redline and keep humanity over everything. The way Kashmiris have shown respect towards the dead bodies of soldiers, should not Major Aaditiya at least seek unconditional apology from the family members of Shopian massacre killed at the hands men in uniform. He must reconsider his decision seeking withdrawal of FIR against his son, and if he is still confused what to do he must pay a trip to innocent and truthful villagers of Maidanpora, Hayhama and Reshipora Tral to observe how humanity is supreme and why should he respect the dead bodies and sympathize their families despite huge ideological difference, rather than playing in the hands of propagandist TV channels.