Kashmirophobia One moment champion, another villain

Having completely chocked the valley into a black-hole and denied the oppressed people any access to credible information through local media channels, vernacular press and social media , the Indian establishment has forced the world in general and Kashmiris in particular to rely on one-sided Post Afzal Guru hanging  Indian version. Watch the  Indian channels and print media, see how brazenly they are beaming  out  the disinformation  and  trying to defend the indefensible . but despite having thousands of channels flashing  the Goeblain lie in hundreds of languages round the clock, with political class and  Indian civil-society (barring a few honorable exceptions) providing the  face-lift of the propaganda  the Delhi darbar is nervous about the truth leaking down the iron curtains . the black censorship, curfew, siege, concertina wires, bullets and tear gas, jails and torture are the protective dykes Indians have raised to muzzle the voice they don’t want world should lend its ears to. Fixated to what they say ‘national security’ or ‘national interests’ , they want everyone on this planet to look through their colored lenses. call it jackboot strategy or Doctored Perception they want  to bribe every soul to legitimize their illegitimate claim on Kashmir .

                After raising a sustained vilification campaign and conducting media trial against Muhamad Afzal guru and having him murdered  through ‘three layered  judicial scrutiny-trial court, high court and supreme court ‘-(a phrase borrowed from Indian Broadcasting minister , Manesh Tiwari), the Indian media is not yet off the Tandava natch mood. It keeps on etching the fantasies in the memory cells of gullible Indians.

                But the trishul dharees (trident wearers) sitting at the media houses and defending the political murder, they have complicity  that nakedly-and simultaneously billing themselves as the champions of freedom of expression-are completely silent  on how entire valley has been corralled in a prison. For one week there was no relaxation in curfew . people were facing acute shortage of food, milk, life-saving drugs. The mysterious circumstances and secrecy Indian establishment maintained in killing guru in Tihar jail with imposing curfew in the wee hours of 9 February , did not give a slim chance to the people to collect even a day’s basics. All the pro-movement leaders were either detained in their houses or whisked nearby thanas.

                What a democracy! Even the Indian constitutional right of providing the  opportunity to the convict to have a last glimpse  of his close relatives has been violated. Look at the bizarre manner  of informing Guru family about the execution through the speed post and lo and behold it reached  here Doabaghah, Sopore on 11th February  at 11.02 am! This is the time of internet and they communicating in 19th century communication mode! The relatives are  now persistently demanding the body of the slain Guru so that he may be given a funeral in accordance with the Islamic teachings, a right they are entitled to. Indians have rejected  this demand , a glaring-manifestation  of imperialistic  hangover. Instead  they  ‘will consider’ if relatives want to come Tihar to see the grave  and offer Fateh! This is how they sprinkle salt into the gushing wounds of enslaved Kashmiris.  Muhamad Afzals family has already rejected Delhi’s demand of visiting his grave to offer fateh. They are along with entire Kashmiris demanding return of his body.

                Does not showing solidarity with the relatives of the deceased and mourn the dead’ match  the ‘comforts of Indian democracy’? come Kashmir, everything wears opposite to constitutional interpretation. It is double-speak and double-thought that George Orwell has predicted decades before . only a weak before, the three girls’ Rock Band has triggered a storm in the corridors of media houses  in Delhi. Condemning ‘conservative’  Kashmiri  society, the anchors and panelists  won’t reconcile  on anything less than complete  freedom of expression even if it would be aping Western Culture  and inciting vulgarity. Here the same freedom is throttled  and not a  single  person from mighty Indian media , its press Council , its Gild its liberty society, is smitten in conscience to register a feeble protest against how fundamental rights of people in Kashmir are being trampled down shamelessly. The callous insensitivity they have  followed exposes the stink  of their double-standard. Indians  are a typical breed, one moment champions, another villains. They are in the grip of an incurable disease ‘kashmiro phobia’ .

                The author can be reached at zainagiree@yahoo.co.in