KCCI concerned over HR violations in Kashmir

Voicing its concern over human rights violations in Kashmir, Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) Thursday accused the State authorities of detaining business leaders over holding peaceful protests.
Addressing media at its chamber office, KCCI junior vice president, Abdul Majeed Mir said civilian killings in the State were not acceptable and government should ensure peace in the region.
He said trade community, which was protesting peacefully against the brutalization of unarmed civilian population of the State including women and children, had also been arrested.
“Even the 18th-month-old child has not been spared. She lost eyesight to pellets. We condemn and express our concern on the prevailing conditions. Human rights violations, innocent killings and pellet injuries must stop immediately,” Mir said.
He said due to such conditions business community was also suffering, which was also under great stress on account of repeated turbulences in Kashmir.
“We aren’t getting favourable atmosphere of conducting business on account of these impediments. All sectors are badly affected,” Mir said.
He said government should ensure peaceful environment for normal business activities.
Mir said by not allowing peaceful protests of the business community, the State had adopted objectionable “repressive” tactics.
The KCCI also expressed support to the people of the State in their peaceful programmes of protest.
It also announced peaceful protest at 2 pm on Saturday from its office premises at Residency Road to Press Enclave.
“All affiliated associations, members of the business community and persons connected to trade, commerce and industry are requested to participate in the protest,” Mir said.