Killing in ‘self-defence’

            In ‘self-defence to save its men and weapon’ forces fired on people; this is the oft-repeated mantra of the occupation forces and rulers in Delhi as and when protest demonstration on the gruesome killings of innocent unarmed people in J&K state break out.

            The gory bloodbaths and carnages this way get sanctioned and legitimized. Already army and paramilitary forces are legally protected through draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). This culture of impunity is further insulated and consolidated by Indian news channels and print media. A crime more specifically, crime against humanity, perpetrated by Indian forces against Kashmiris – that should have shamed and shocked state India and its people, gets glorified as duty whereas the peaceful protests are condemned and projected as rebellion.

            The same excuse rather blatant lie found its willing and willy legs to stand upon (though it crashes down the very moment it takes off) in Gool Ramban (Jammu) carnage. The Border Security Force, which was primarily created to defend Indian borders and external aggression, is one of the essential component of the repressive apparatus besides army and Central Reserve Police Force (CRFP). The purpose of all these forces plus JK Police Force is to rope unwilling masses to Indian loop. Democracy projected is just a smoke-screen to cover up this military control and hoodwink the world community. Like domesticated pets pro-Darbar political lackeys are reared and patronized to provide democratic face to the de-facto military control.

            Spin doctors of the Darbar forget that in internet age nothing remains concealed the footage of the Gool mass-murder enacted by the predatory BSF forces leaves nothing unexpressed how outside BSF camp people are protesting in peaceful manner and there is no attempt on part of people to force their way inside the camp. Neither there was stone pelting. People were protesting against the desecration of Holy-Quran committed by BSF, their arrogance in entering Masjid and with shoes on and beating of Imam. Since AFSPA dopes troops to treat Kashmiris as suspect enemies to be killed any time they wish, BSF trained their guns at the unarmed civilians and showered bullets indiscriminately. Four persons including Imam they had beat and a lecturer were killed, 42 injured.

            Had the people stormed the camp, the casualties could have taken place near the gate. They were yards away from the camp. What is more, troops have fired the very people who were pacifying the protestors. So much the adrenalin had seeped in the veins of BSF personnel that even a police officer thanks his stars for his miraculous escape. It is worth to quote him: ‘I myself had a miraculous escape. The BSF opened fire suddenly. I too would have been killed had my colleague not dragged me away’. When this is the plight of a police officer, safety of the civilian can be well-imagined. To unmask the brute faces of the force the police officer candidly acknowledged: ‘Manzoor Ahmad Shah, the lecturer killed in the BSF firing was with me. He was standing next to me. He was trying to pacify the people who were angry. He was hit by a bullet even as he was trying to pacify the protestors’.

            This is not the first of the case that has evoked such a furious public reaction. Every killing is wailed, moaned and protested. And equally in same measure the stooges in Srinagar outpour their displeasure and condemnation and order probe to bring the guilty to nook. But as people know, it is just a formality whose fate is foretold. Till now thousands of heinous crimes have been committed by Indian forces but no one was prosecuted as State India denies permission for civil court trials. Thus it is Darbar which derives pleasure in having its forces turn Kashmir in a killing field.

            Imagine with hundreds of thousands of people witnessing the bloody massacre in Gool (and before that in so many other places) and Indian Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde comes up with the caveat ‘if’ … ‘If forces personnel have committed use of extra force, we will see it’. Every word and the tone of the statement is reflective of inertia, indifference and apathy in doing anything concrete. Rather one senses and smells a vicarious pleasure in such a tragedy on part of Indian Home Minister. It amounts to gearing up killer cops for another kill. Another Gool. As Delhi is at their back. Still Darbar boasts of being a ‘secular democratic’ country!