Killing of Kashmiri teenager in India a shocker, Human Rights defender

Human Rights defender Raqif Makhdoomi while reacting to the incident termed it most unfortunate and said “ Another innocent Kashmiri youth has fallen to the goons in the Indian state of Rajasthan at Jaipur who doesn’t want harmony. These people day in and day out are trying to create division between people and are working really hard to not let people of Kashmir feel free. These events will further build the gap between people and will create tension situations”.

The goons involved in the incident must be punished harshly according to the law so that things like this don’t happen next time. “ May whatever the case be who are these people to beat up a guy that will lead to death. If he was involved in any wrongdoing he should have had been handed to police and the law should have been allowed to take it the course ” said Raqif Makhdoomi.

Now as this event took place and it must have created fear among the people of Kashmir living in Jaipur and as the news has spread it obviously would have now created fear among Kashmiri people in parts of India. The central government must ask it’s stated to provide security to people of Kashmir and make sure no such incidents take place.

A Kashmiri teenager was killed in a fight with a colleague in the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan on Wednesday night, the police said. Ghulam Mohideen Khan, who is believed to be 17 years old, used to work for the catering arm of an event management company.

“On February 5 night, they were returning after finishing their work at a party,” Harmada Police Station House Officer Ramesh Saini told “They were travelling in a company vehicle and there was some altercation between two colleagues. During the altercation, one of the boys slapped the victim.” The attacker was identified as Delhi resident Aditya Sahini.

The police said Khan’s body was on its way from Jaipur to Delhi, and would be airlifted to Srinagar. Khan was a resident of Kunan village of North Kashmir’s Kupwara district. He had left home a few months ago to take up the job in Rajasthan after failing to clear his Class 12 examinations.

“He had gone to Jaipur few months ago for earning a livelihood,” a relative of the teenager told “Two days ago, we came to know that he’s ill and is in hospital. But today, we came to know that he has succumbed. We want his killers to be hanged.”

Khan is survived by his mother, a brother and four sisters. Khan’s father, Khursheed Ahmad Khan, was a soldier in the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry, and died of cardiac arrest about seven years ago, the relative added.