KVI seeks end to human rights violation in Kashmir

In the 2nd anniversary meeting, Kashmir Voice International (KVI) discussed and analyzed the situation in Kashmir and the indifference at international level.

“Loss of more than hundred thousand lives, thousands disappeared and thousands languishing in jails besides the destruction of property worth hundreds of billions has not moved the world for the resolution of long pending issue,” reads the KVI statement.

KVI said the use of unbridled powers by forces is leading to unabated killings have not aroused the conscience of the Indian public. “The helpless acceptance of everyday killings and facing other atrocities has become a part of Kashmir life. This inhuman and criminal situation needs to be given a stop to. It is high time that the leadership in Kashmir moves for effective and changed strategies besides shutdowns.”

It will be appropriate, KVI said that the diaspora and the people from Kashmir Valley themselves present their case before the world and wash off the impression regarding the movement as being sectarian and religious.
“Moreover, we need to convince the world that the movement is political and for the right of self-determination as promised by the world community. Moreover, it is high time that the intellectuals, members of civil society and politicians in the valley engage in a debate to analyze the present situation and think for the appropriate measures needed to help comeout of the miserable situation and save further loss of life.”

KVI agreed upon initiating some measures to reach different western governments and agencies, seeking their support to end the human rights violations in Kashmir and impress upon India to engage with Kashmiris for a solution. “It was also agreed that Pakistan be requested to take measures to help create peace in Kashmir for engagement.”

KVI decided to take measures to reach, with positive attitude, the well-meaning people of both the countries and seek their support for the resolution of Kashmir problem. It is necessary that the rigid attitudes should yield place to flexible approach in order to pave a way for a solution acceptable to Kashmiris.