Let BJP leadership restore statehood of J&K If the leadership has courage

Prof Bhim Singh Chief Patron, JKNPP challenged the BJP Gen. Secy, Ram Madhav to dare restore statehood of J&K which was demolished by BJP government on 5 Aug 2019. NPP has warned the Modi Government on this unconstitutional Act and raised a voice against in this unconstitutional step. NPP has accused Modi Government for another horrifying and unconstitutional act as this government has eroded even the basic and fundamental rights of the permanent residence of Jammu and Kashmir. This right at present spelled by the J&K legislature as the right of permanent residence. This right was granted by the then Maharaja Hari Singh in 1927 called as state subject.

This right of the permanent residence of Jammu and Kashmir vested in the residence of J&K was approved by the Constituent Assembly in 1949 while approving the constitution of India.

This became part of fundamental rights protected by the constitution of India as a Fundamental Rights which could not have been changed or touched by even the parliament of India.

NPP supremo asked the Gen. Secy. BJP Ram Madhav to take up this matter with courage and sincerity seeking appropriate order/Direction to restore J&K statehood with the restoration of permanent of resident status as it was applicable in respect of a permanent resident of J&K who settled in J&K before 1954. He said talking loud for the restoration of the statehood of J&K does not mean anything unless right of statehood as a permanent resident is restored in the permanent residents only.