LeT denies of having connection with ISIS

Srinagar: Militant outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), Saturday lashed out at the remarks of Syrian envoy for terming Kashmir dispute as India’s internal matter.

In a statement issued to news gathering agency GNS, the spokesperson of the outfit, Abdullah Ghaznvi quoting its chief Mehmood Shah as having said that the remarks of envoy Riyaz Abassi tantamount to denying of the truth, aimed to distort ground reality of the happenings in valley.

The Kashmir issue is an established fact on the global level accepted by United Nations, the statement said while adding that the people in the valley are entitled to the right to freedom as per the UN charters itself.

Remarking that outfit has nothing to do with the internal affairs of any country the statement said that we are only up against the atrocities being carried on Kashmiris by the “occupational forces” for last many decades.

The Syrian envoy should itself take an on-ground assessment of the happenings in the valley and see for himself the innocent people suffering at the hands of “occupational forces”, the statement said.

The outfit is purely working on the Islamic principles to fight it out “against the occupational forces” while the ISIS, as per the statement, who is killing the innocent Muslims is being funded by America, India and Israel. We have no connection with them, the statement said.

The International community and OIC have already declared Kashmir issue as dangerous for regional peace which remains to be resolved. The negotiations of last seven have yielded nothing while more than half a million were martyred during the same time. We are left with no option than to fight against the oppressors and now that Kashmiris have pickup the guns the results will come soon before for world, the statement added. (GNS)