Let Huriyat follow the straight track, no second or third one

 Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored’- Aldous Huxley


 Battling his claustrophobia, , Professor Abdul Gani Bhat has, true to his maverick temperament, again caused sensation in the media. Reveling in many of his fantasies, UN resolutions have become ‘redundant’ being one, the leader of Mirwaiz Hurriyat faction has ultimately leaped out of the tub to share his Eureka moment: ‘The defined terms like UN Resolutions, Bilateral and Trilateral Talks are immaterial for us (and) carry no importance and value and the very purpose of Hurriyat (M) is to resolve Kashmir issue at any cost and the amalgam can adopt any approach that would lead to the solution of long pending Kashmir issue.’(GK, November 18, 2013)

 The quoted remarks need to be judged in the context of change of guard in Islamabad. Needless to say, with Nawaz Sharief’s Muslim League returning to power, the Huriyat (M) has ceased to retain the central place in political spectrum it used to during Zardari and more so General  Musharaf’s regime. The infamous 4-point formula that General tried to stuff down the gullet of unwilling Kashmiri people got its strongest advocates from the ‘moderate’ faction. Impatiently doped in courting the dictator for his  ‘out of the box’ Kashmir solution, the amalgam took to Srinagar streets even when the autocratic military man sacked the judiciary and  suspended the constitution. They went in groveling  submission to General to cement the status quo that Musharaf plan was aimed to.

 The vibes emanating from Pakistan suggest that Nawaz Sharief government has firmly put its mind in sticking to Islamabad’s stated position on Kashmir. Of late Pakistan has highlighted Kashmir issue in various international forums and demanded right of self determination for Kashmir. The Musharaff  plan thus stands buried.  the bonhomie that once existed between Mirwaiz group and Islamabad is ebbing into disappoint for Huriyat (M).  Rehabilitating the old ties with New Delhi and following the same beaten track (Adavni’s My Country My Life exposes it all) and more so engaging unilaterally of its own shows the valorization put up by a jilted partner. Running out of the ‘bilateral loop’ that it has so enthusiastically corralled itself in for the last so many years, of which Pakistan was the other equal, Huriyat (M) shrugged off the ‘burden’ and frolicked in company of Delhi’s emissaries ranging from RAW old hand S  Dulat to PM Singh’s adviser Satish Lamba. One would have hailed the new posturing of the conglomerate which still claims allegiance to its existential Constitution 1993 had it gone in sync with the prevailing Kashmir dominant narrative. Sharing the pleasantries in Delhi has nothing to do with the touted claim of ‘resolving’ Kashmir issue. Everybody knows the political stature of the garrulous advocates of ‘change’ is too small to lend credibility to any initiative in that direction. in drifting to New Delhi the ‘moderate’ faction is struggling hard to reclaim its lost favor in Islamabad.

  Huriyat (M) spokesman talks about ‘any approach’ that would relieve people of the festering sore. He has already crossed out the ‘defined terms’ like UN resolution, Bilateral and Trilateral talks which his “highness” thinks  have ‘no value or importance’. So the ‘mechanism’ he is talking about has inevitably to match with Insanayat Kay Dairay Main, the interpretation and meaning of which Advani as Deputy PM drove them home when the ‘moderates’ met him at Delhi , praised  as ‘path breaking’ venture. Still all rounds only ended in delusion. And hypnotizing one into his grandeur is an  art Delhi has always excelled in. 

Professor gets ecstatic in ‘unity of purpose’ when ‘even’ trusted stooges of   Darbar, ‘Mufti and Omar bat for Kashmir solution’. Great God, save us. We are in the epidemic of twisting facts and spinning enigmas. The services of NC and PDP  has got immortalized  in strengthening Indian hold on Kashmir. They have perfected theatrical performances in raising the banner of ‘self rule’ or ‘autonomy’ while at the same time being accomplice in robbing the state of everything they claim to hold for.  They are opposite to what the overwhelming majority of Kashmiri people crave for. Ask them to quit from political power and energize  in ‘common minimum program’ to solve Kashmir at ‘any cost’. The ‘proof of unity of purpose’ will get unfold. 

 There is no wrong in evolving to “demands of time”. But the wish-list that the “pro-resistance group” is scrambling with stands diametrically opposite to the Huriyat Constitution. Let Huriyat (M) walk the  negotiations the way it wants to  but let her summon as much courage as the Late Shiekh Abdullah exhibited. He converted Mahaz-e-Rae Shumarie (Plebiscite Front) into National Conference as his spirit dampened. Draping in Huriyat robes and talking in Indian mainstream vein are incompatible. Take one. Leave THE other. That is straight and honest track. No second or third on.