Let us celebrate this Eid in Kashmir

Let us celebrate this Eid in Kashmir

By Sameer Ahmad Thoker –

Jun 13, 2018 32 Views

Even being a Kashmiri bybirth I know little about my Kashmir and Kashmiritradition. I still remember my childhood days when i was celebrating Eid with my family, whenI was going with my papa to masjid for Eid prayers and on way back to home my papa was giving me many adorable gifts as the environment was happened to be very peaceful. Everyone was enjoying the Eid, people were roaming here and there freely without any fear. Childrenwould celebrating Eid very happily, the main part of their celebration was playing with fire crackers but unfortunately they was unaware of the future. On the day of Eid the songs like” yai joo kashmir hai jannat ka nazara” was played on radio and television. People were going to relatives home for sharing Eid wishes etc.Everyone was happy in his/her own world but friends suddenly

a wind comes ,
a wind ,which changes my paradise into hell in paradise,
a wind which destroys all the happiness of children,
a wind which kills all the peace of peoples of my Kashmir(hell in paradise)
yes my friend it is a wind
a wind of fear,
a fast wind of death,
a killer wind of bloodshed.

A wind, because of which everyoneon this Eidis panicky as the fast wind of death is roaming in my valley. No one even wants to go for the prayers of Eid. People do not want to go away from home because of the fear from this fast killer wind. Dear friends my papa also forgets the old days and presently he is advising me to come soon home after the prayers as there is fast blowing wind everywhere in my Kashmir. Dear friends there are several types of people living in world who are happy in their life and will enjoy Eid but hereare the poor peoples of my hell valley,where some children are waiting for their fathers with the hope that they will celebrate Eid with them and they will get eidi from them but my poor childrendon’t know that their fathers will not join them on this Eid as they are no more,

Where sisters are waiting for their brothers with the hope that their brothers will come on this Eid and after the Eid they will fulfil the responsibility of marriage of poor sisters
Where some innocent people are waiting with the hope that this Eid will bring vision to their eyesback.

Where mothers are waiting for their loved son
Where some helpless people are waiting that this Eid their loved ones will be released from jails
Wheregardens have lost their beauty as they lost the cute tulips
Dear friends please come and celebrate this Eid in Kashmir with my helpless people

Everyone during the month of Ramzan is praying and requesting this killer wind that pardon us for God sake and go away from this valley and give us some relief but dear friends who will listen to those people who will kill this killer wind someone please from any corner of world kill this killer wind. Dear poor people of my hell valley do help each other during this Eid ,do remember the orphans, do remember the pellet victims, do remember the poor old persons, do remember those needy and poor persons of hell valley, do remember those children who are waiting for their fathers, do remember those sisters whose hearts and dry for their brothers, doremember those mothers who lost their loved ones .oh my rich people of the same valley please don’t waste much money on eatables,Don’t give your loved children such expensive gifts by which orphans of valley will miss their parents. Oh my all people of valley please do pray and have a hope that this killer wind will go away from here very soon and once again our Kashmir will rise and again it will become heaven on earth

(The writer is a research scholar in Botany at Jiwajj University Gwalior)