Let’s prepare for life

Twenty five years of tragedies in Jammu and Kashmir State has brought to surface lot of realities of life and death. These tragedies have brought by and large a massage for the future generation, which is of life and hope. Tragedies cannot be translated or described only in myopic sense of meaning. The Nepal earthquake and other such tragedies in the world only make the human resilience more pronounced and has a message for all – that is optimism overcomes pessimism.

Unfortunately in Kashmir post any natural calamity we only try to enforce our blinkered view of reasoning about it. Post September 2014 floods of Kashmir many writers forgot to highlight the resilience and hope it has brought in our society but tried to cry in bold headlines few incidents of theft etc., to curse the society. There write-ups killed hundreds of those stories, where a fellow Kashmiri, played with his life to save entrapped people.

To quote out of context is a favorite pastime of many writers and they want to send only one message that Kashmir society is full of vices, a cursed place liable for punishment of God for their misdeeds. Portraying of Kashmir as a cursed place goes in contravention to the historical facts that it has remained a blessed place, a favorite abode of monks, rishis, munis who loved this place and contemplated here.

Natural calamities have happened, are happening and will happen across globe and they are not specific to misdeeds of the people who inhibit that part of the globe. The western countries and the society at large in these places is a free thinking society, living away from the religious codes of life and the wrath of God should have been invoked much earlier in these places than Kashmir.

If we compare our society with other societies of world especially of the west, an honest and impartial assessment will show us that our society is more God fearing than them. The flock sense and compassion are deep down in the bone marrow of Kashmir society and can be only counted as bounties of God on them. There has been no case in any court of Kashmir against any doctor or any hospital authorities for negligence death. Though there have been lot of negligence deaths, Kashmir society is so oriented that they take it as a will of the God and do not pursue the matter in courts for compensation. Similarly, there are no homes for old and infirm people in Kashmir society as the people really obey to the order of God that we should nurse and take care of our parents in their old age.

Despite lot of modernity seeping in our society, when we compare our young generation with rest of the societies it is still embedded in the culture and ethos of this place. Few exceptions cannot make the rule in the society and the people of this place cannot be condemned as the cursed ones in the eyes of God.

Tragedies can also be God’s sweet will to test the patience of that place and it cannot be always taken as the wrath of the God. Religion cannot be invoked out of context as it has the fine balance between its various points of view within. It should be left to Islamic scholars to discuss or analyze any natural calamity or disaster in the context of the religion.

Twenty-five years of death and destruction in Kashmir has a message from its rubble to the rest of the world. The message is Kashmir has an inbuilt power of resilience to overcome all tragedies with patience. We should always highlight better things in the society and should not try to make look exceptions as the norm in the society. People of Kashmir have shown post floods how compassionate and loving they are for their own countrymen and even played with their lives to save the others.

In 1990, when most of the Kashmiri pundits fled from Kashmir valley hundreds of families refused to leave their motherland, the stories should have been focused on how these families lived happily with their Muslim neighbors without any iota of friction or disagreement.

Kashmir history has a lesson for all, no famines, earthquakes, persecutions have wiped them out; they have risen again and again and it will rise again Inshallah with the grace of God who is most merciful and benevolent. Those who portray Him as a destroyer should also have a look of how He has created a human being and how much He loves him.