Letter to the Editor The Washington Post

January 9, 2013

Letters to the Editor
The Washington Post
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Washington, DC 20071.
Dear Editor:
The article, "India says Pakistan troops killed 2 of its soldiers in Kashmir", The Washington Post, dated January
9, 2013, states the obvious when it says, "The peace process, however, has produced almost no dramatic
advances towards resolving the main disputes between the two countries."
However, the article needs to be supplemented by a Kashmiri American perspective. It is a fact that India and
Pakistan by themselves have not been able to resolve their disputes, including the issue of Kashmir. They have
tried over the decades but failed. It needs the deeper engagement of the United States with both these
neighboring countries.
Secondly, it is symptomatic of the United States approach that greater emphasis is placed on the ‘reduction of
tensions’ than on the settlement of the core issue, i.e. Kashmir. This gives importance to superficial moves and
temporary solutions even though it is known that such moves and solutions do not soften the animosities of the
parties as proven by the latest incident, nor allay the life and death concern and anxieties of the people most
directly affected.
I believe that the United States can and should, lead the effort to achieve a fair and lasting settlement of the
dispute, fair to the people most immediately involved and fair to its own commitments to democracy and human
rights. By doing so, the United States can strengthen the principles of a just world order. It will also earn the
gratitude of generations in Kashmir, in Pakistan and in India.
The United States should, however, realize that no settlement of Kashmir will hold unless it is explicitly based on
the principles of self-determination and erases the so-called ‘Line of Control’ which is in fact the ‘Line of Conflict.’
It is important to note that the most driving passion of the people of Kashmir today is the passion for Azaadi
(independence) from both India and Pakistan, a passion which has become the very bread and butter of their
lives. The word Azaadi is more common on the lips of Kashmiri youth than the word droid is on American college
campuses today.
With profound regards,
Yours sincerely,
Syed Ghulamnabi Fai
FCI – Cumberland
Federal Prison Camp
P. O. Box 1000
Cumberland, MD – 21501.