Listen – Sh. Manmohan singh Ji,

Honb’le Prime Minster of India, Sh. Manmohan Singh Ji- You will be here in Jammu & Kashmir  for two days  from 25th of June. I hope that your stay during the period remains comfortable , admist the most uncomfortable natives of the State.

I wish you had been here a few days earlier, precisely on 22nd of June and be amongst us in a get-together with few graceful ladies of Kunan poshpora, a village hemlet in Kupwara, who were gang-raped  during the intervening night of 23rd & 24th February 1991 by your Army. May I remind you sir- that it is the same army, who at the time of  deployment in 1947, were stated to be for the purpose of protecting our honor & dignity! I am sure that after listening to the tales of those women and the stories of torture meted out to men,  you would have come to know how well  your army has lived up to that promise . Though I cant say with any degree of certainty whether you would have patted them on backs (like Mr. L.K.Advani did to the  army personnel responsible for pathribal fake encounter)   for extending at-least one concession  of allotting separate rooms to a mother & daughter gang-raped simultaneously.

I also wish that you were accompanied in the said get-together by your loving daughter, Amrit Singh who, we understand is doing a  pioneering work in  human rights law in  America and recently bestowed with “India Abroad Publisher’s Special Award for Excellence 2012” for her excellent job.  I am sure that both of you would have cried & sobbed along with all of us present  and she would have told you-“ come’on dad-this is not done. Why don’t  you Catch these criminals –wherever they are  & show them what justice means”.

Honbl’e Prime Minster –in the context of recent dastardly  killings of few congress stalwarts & workers by Maoists, you said that these people (Maoists) have no human values. Agreed. But after hearing the tales of horror from men & women of Kunanposhpura, you would have definitely changed your opinion & added your own army to that specie of inhuman people.  

Honbl’e Prime Minster – Being the architect of phrase “zero-tolerance”- the men & women of Kunanposhpura, after  finishing  with their tales , have told me  to convey you this message in bold & unambiguous language:    

         You have power but no principle                                                                                                                   We have principle but no power

You being you, And We being we
Compromise is out of the question
So let the battle begin…

You have force and no truth                                                                                                                                   We  have truth and no force
You being you, And We being we
Compromise is out of the question
So let the battle begin…
You may club our skulls, we will fight
You may crush our bones, we will fight
You may bury us alive, we will fight
With truth running through  us,
so let the battle begin….
With every ounce of our strength, we will fight
With  our last dying breath, we will fight…
And  fight till the
Castle that you built with your lies
Comes tumbling down

(The author is a practicing chartered Accountant. Email: