Made for each other

Ikhwan is a child of what NC has fathered much before.We thank Farooq Abdullah for doing us a favour. He saved us from a dreaded militant turned renegade called Kuka Parray in 1996. Had the former not contested the elections, the latter would have been the chief minister. And we extend our gratitude to Omar Abdullah as well who `disclosed’ this great secret about his father and his party. Of many sacrifices National Conference has offered, this one is no less glorious. It may or may not merit a chapter in the history of Kashmir, but it does merit a piece. Though Omar says he can’t prove it, we still believe him. You don’t need to prove what already stands proved. You mean you replaced Kuka Parray. Had he been our CM, that could have exposed the Delhi-Kashmir relationship. With you in the office, it got disguised as democracy which it wasn’t.

If analogies have a meaning in history, NC is a political cousin of Ikhwan. The way Ikhwan served Delhi in early nineties, NC has rendered that service long back and with a commitment far greater and far deeper. Changing the DNA of your party to please your master, accepting to be silent when Jammu was getting cleaned of Muslims, collaborating with Delhi to deceive your own followers in Kashmir, using pulpit to dupe a gullible crowd, leading a public movement to dump it in the end, getting disrobed as a prime minister to settle down as a chief minister, swallowing insults upon insults upon insults with a heart as large as a `lion’, leaving the legacy of a treacherous politics and finally passing down the throne to his own progeny – the debt is huge and the blessings many. Ikhwan is too shallow an example that pales in comparison against the NC majesty. One is just a child of a theory which the other has fathered much earlier.

Ikhwan was a temporary military insurgency force used to counter the armed resistance in Kashmir and NC was the seed Delhi sowed to bear a permanent fruit. Ikhwan was a short-lived monster soon to be consumed by its own weight. But NC was the real investment that lasted longer, with better dividends and greater returns. The choice for Delhi was clear and easy. Kuka Parray would still not enjoy a public support no matter how hard Delhi would thrust him on the people of Kashmir. Delhi might have thought twice before planting him in the chair. Compared to him, Farooq Abdullah was a sure shot. Ikhwan wore a mask of fear, NC had a public face. Notorious as renegades, Ikhwanis could be unpredictable and untrustworthy, Abdullahs were tried, tested and trusted. `Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’. That made NC a risk-free option. Who could assure Delhi of being their dedicated proxies? Who could fit the slot as perfectly you?
So if Omar Abdullah says it was because of his father Ikhwan was denied the berth, it’s an unintentional honesty for which we all are grateful to him.