Mamoosa calling

Time to feel genuinely worried about the moral health of our society

We claim Kashmiris are religious minded. Islamic values and ethos are deeply entrenched in us. But the way the things are shaping up give a lie to this claim. The obnoxious weed of moral degeneration has grown to a threatening proportion and we all are watching the society plunge into state of helplessness and insensitivity. The transition to culture of hamein kya has hemorrhaged us from rising up to the occasion and play our part. Sensitized to the core we love to look to the other sides and prefer to remain “safe”  within our confines. Believing that “personal hygiene” alone can keep the epidemic of moral crisis at bay. That illusion, however, accelerates the pace of moral turpitude and pushes the society on the precipice. Never forget immorality and crime are always wedded together. The animal instinct overpowers bridges of restraint and this tsunami inundates the whole society.

 Some of us might raise their eyebrows on using the phrase  ‘moral crisis’ and accuse me of blowing the issue out of proportion. After all to a naked eye everything looks “calm”, nothing “chaotic”. To them the impact of this ‘lassies fair’ liberty in our fast advancing crisis ridden  society is not that worrying . And it is not time for  “moaning and carping” after we are wriggling out from the last decades of turmoil. To such advocates/lovers of ‘liberal values’ Mamoosa should serve as an eye opener.

 Mamoosa is a small hamlet in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district. An incident, bone chilling as well as brazenly shameful and unprecedented-with ripple-over effect  for entire state-unhinged the moral pedestal of the villagers and blanketed it in atmospherics of dismay and insecurity and pain. “A group of four goons abducted  a girl of Mamoosa near Dhobiwan in a car. The girl was bundled  in the vehicle and taken to an unknown destination where she was raped. She was released in the evening on July 7”(GK, August 14,2012)

 This is first such devilish incident where a hapless and helpless girl of land of Rishees, Munis and  Saints (Peer Va’r) was forcibly dragged in  a car and gang-raped. It seems the wicked demos have copied the gang-rapists of Delhi and Mumbai where such incidents are not uncommon,. But that it happens in our state should drown us in collective shame, apart from setting alarming bells ringing. It reveals how deep the rot of moral decadence has set in and how furiously fearless  criminals are profiling up their criminal proclivity. That is the beginning of criminalization of society. And it does not augur well for us. If today Mamoosa has gone unnoticed-as the public and political apathy and media’s skipping the incident shows-tomorrow recurrence of these shameful happenings and with more “dare-devil venturism” are but natural. And with much more “improvisation”.

As the parents and the villagers have alleged the accused group was involved in other illegal and immoral activities including drug smuggling, preparation of porn CDs, eve-teasing, alcoholism and harassment. Put in other words, the group was infected with “rabies” and were waiting and bidding time to attack innocent pedestrian and ravage her honor and life.
 It is unfortunate on the functioning of the police and administration that such wolves in human frame are allowed to stalk the weaker sections of the society with that ease and promptness. As rightly stated by the villagers ‘the dilly-dallying attitude of the authorities to act against the hooligans has encouraged them to continue with such nasty practices’. As the track record shows, the criminal justice system here works on slow pace, with the result that either criminals are given light sentences far disproportionate to the gravity of the crime or released unpunished after a few years of judicial remand. The result is their intrinsic criminal tendency further gets a flip and the virus gets spread to their like-minded fellows  who get morale boasted. Had the rapists and the murders of the Tabinda Gani of Pazalpora Handwara been given a speedy trial and hanged in public, Romana Javid of Srinagar would not have been crashed to death by her “jilted lovers”, had  the killers of Sabreena Fayaz of Srinagar been  accorded exemplary punishment , a youth from Kupwara would not have killed his ‘rival in love’ in last june this year.

 One is aghast to see the mindset of the men at the helm of affairs . With administrative lightening alacrity, coupled with judicial activism, speedy trials are being held against the political rivals. Even TATA and POTA type courts are constituted to give summary trials. Unfortunately where they are urgently  needed, the law of the land seems wanting in  intent and action.

 Remember a society keeps with it the protective dykes of three deterrents for checking crime. One, state’s effective criminal justice system that creates fear in the mind of a criminal that he cannot go scot free and has to reap the ugliest. Second, fear from  God and belief in the Day of Judgment. Third, fear of the society, that he simply would find himself a social outcast, derided, degraded everywhere. Society won’t tolerate such ulcers  to grow and would be ever vigilant to strengthen the social immune system. It is tragic that all these resistants against crime and immorality are receding and fading  in impact. It is time we strive earnestly and sincerely and put society back on moral track. 
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