Martyrs immortalized the movement

Afzal Guru’s execution created dichotomic scission and cleavage of Indian intelligentsia. Polarization between objectivism of nonconformists and obscurantism of chauvinists with imperialistic mindset is discernible. We hold the emancipated rationalists in esteem for their eclecticism and empiricism. Regressive and aggressive nationalism of chauvinists and pseudo-democrats of India is gradually leading this country to balkanization within.

Venomous fascism is eating into the very vitals of Indian system. Afzal Guru became an expendable pawn for false prestige of the dictatorial plutocrats of Delhi. Notwithstanding, infirmity and conjecture in Afzal Guru’s case supreme court, in contravention of the norms of justice, evinced and exuded its impulsiveness just to appease and propitiate the callous and arrogant rulers. So it was miscarriage of justice. Alas! , Justice became a causality in the simulated system of Indian judiciary.

All the judicious luminaries of Indian civil society question, impugn and arraign the court verdict which sought satisfaction of collective conscience while inadvertently strangulating and smearing the conscience of every sensitive jurist. Thus, the reprehensible episode of Afzal’s hanging did not augur well for Indian pluralism. Now it portends something ominous in Kashmir; and it will be imputed and ascribed to the immaturity of Delhi hawks.

Delhi rulers were absolutely oblivious of the political backlash and whiplash in Kashmir. Their prudentialism could have forestalled what has added to their embarrassment now. Kashmiris are seething with anger, cynicism, lurking scepticism and antipathy for Indian establishment. The disillusionment, discontentment and fulmination of agonized and excruciated Kashmiris is glaring conspicuous and to the fore. Kashmiris feel disgusted with Delhi darbar; they feel psychologically pitted against the haughty rulers of India. To be true, Delhi imperialists waged a war against Kashmiris who were already on the receiving end due to their chauvinistic and domineering demeanour.

Deplorably the carnivorous temperament of these imperialists sought its gratification through the sadistic act of reprisal. Yes, Afzal’s hanging did satiate the predatory and ravenous sentiments and emotions of these blustering butchers. Sanity and sagacity of humanists could not rein in these obstreperous cannibals and vampires.

Jingoistic rowdyism of Delhi rulers was aimed at bullying and coercing Kashmiris into submission. However, resilient freedom zealots of Kashmir discern, in Afzal Guru’s hanging, a raison d’être for added resolve to resist the onslaught of India in Kashmir. Graves of Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru typify, symbolize and monumentalize the history of heroic resistance of freedom loving Kashmiris. The splendor ad grandeur of their graves metaphysically inspires the freedom votaries of Kashmir. And Kashmiris, in their epicedium and dirge, will ostentatiously express their innate urge to rise like ocean surge. Kashmiri martyrs− who are lying either buried in 500 cemeteries of Kashmir or interspersed, littered and strewn in the inhospitable mountainous terrain of Kashmir− have ideally immortalized the resistance movement of this courageous nation. The Holy Qur’an reveals: “Those who lay down their lives while treading the path (leading to the pleasure) of Allah should not be regarded as dead; they are, in fact, alive; however, your wisdom is too poor to comprehend this (reality)” (Surah Baqarah -V.No. 154).

Afzal Guru, like the predecessor resistance icon Maqbool Bhat and lakhs of Kashmiri martyrs, is alive. His martyrdom reinvigorated the patriotic emotions and sentiments of struggling people here; they will strenuously be pursuing the objective of Azadi with exemplary verve and vigour.

Indian imperialists− owing to their narcissistic megalomania, chauvinistic egotism and neurotic dialectics− feel elated and inflated. Their dissemblance, temerity and tawdriness made them embark on something abominable; and which invited the indignation and wrath of Kashmiris. Tragic episode of Tihar jail can be attributed to the misfeasance of Delhi rulers. And traumatized Kashmiris are wincing and groaning with debilitating grief and grumble. Delhi colonialists, while raising the bogey of terrorism, unnecessarily demonized and diabolized the name of Afzal Guru.

Licensed Indian army personnel, while mowing down multitude of people here, ruthlessly slaughtered the valiant adherents of our resistance movement. And Indian totalitarianism perfectly indemnifies the men in uniform against accountability. Therefore, infinitude of human rights abuse and violations is a matter of concern for all the global humanists and pragmatists. Guaranteeing of immunity and impunity of Indian soldiers is an administrative aberration never to be condoned and brooked. Alas! , myopic and ego-centric Delhi rulers could not visualize the serious and perilous ramifications of Afzal’s hanging. Now they find themselves entangled and entrenched in the quagmire of Kashmir embroilment.

Kashmiris acclaim, proclaim and preconize their martyrs as eulogized warriors of resistance. They vie with them for their devotion and spirit of sacrifice. Martyrdom of our resistance protagonists and stalwarts will serve the purpose of a bulwark and credible deterrent against the ruthless militarism of indurated imperialists of India. We justifiably take pride in identifying and empathizing ourselves with these martyrs who are immortal and who ideally immortalized our movement for Azadi.

Kashmiris− despite the present fugacious and transitory phase of restlessness, shivers of shock and frisson of fright− will eventually retrieve themselves from ossifying shock and gird up the loins for a sustained and enduring struggle. They will perk up confidence and summon up courage and volition to break servitude. They will overcome every impediment and predicament with fortitude and stoicism.

Afzal Guru’s hanging proved instrumental in perfecting the process of concatenation and communion of sentiments, feelings and ideas of the resistance ideologues of global Muslim confraternity. It checkmated the trend of apologetic and defeatist manoeuvre of Pakistani rulers on Kashmir front. It rejuvenated the resistance resolve of all the revolutionaries of Kashmir. Resistance leaders of Srinagar and Muzaffarabad can, in unison, create a situation where Indian rulers will feel constrained to have a reappraisal of their imperialistic approach to Kashmir issue.

The day is not far when all the humanists, rationalists, nonconformists and conscientious futurists of India will rise in revolt against the imperialistic mindset of their blinkered rulers; and they will, while objectively anatomizing Kashmir upheaval and imbroglio, vociferously support Kashmiris’ struggle for right to self-determination. Kashmiri resistance leaders should be prompt in co-opting them for facilitating a breakthrough in Kashmir log-jam and stalemate.

M. Azam Inqilabi is patron of JK Mahaz-e-Azadi. Email: