Massacring humanity

Ethics is not a mystical fantasy or delusional ontology instead it is an introductory principle in the prolonged manuscript of moral life. This moral structure continually sets down the foundations of humanistic approach and in turn encourages and promotes empathy in an individual for his fellow beings. Moral thinkers and scholars from all walks of life respect and revere the humanistic stance; stand against the bizarre display of faith (I mean blind faith); demonstrate compassion with the hapless and join hands to weed-out extremism and fundamentalism. This is how progressive civilizations are fashioned and developed nations are shaped. But this philosophy loses its entire gleam when applied to our heavenly abode (Kashmir).


Currently, Kashmir is witnessing a whole gamut of grave and grim problems that is intensely sinking us in the whirlpool of mind-boggling vortex. The massively orchestrated and naked violence that our security forces have launched against its own citizens, in Gool area of Ramban district, has delegitimized our notion of ‘democracy’. Innocent citizens are arbitrarily arrested, or more accurately kidnapped off the streets. This gruesome carnage seems quite in line with what Max Weber, early in the 20th century, termed as ‘legitimate violence’, as the defining apparatus of any state, is predicted on what he called ‘external means’ and ‘inner justification’: the more a state has to resort to external means (use of violence), the less its claims on inner justification (constitutional mandates) on its citizens.


Over the last three weeks, several civilians have lost their lives and got injured be it in Gool firing or in the sectarian fissures at district Budgam.The vast discontent that has mushroomed in the areas like Bemina, Nasrallahpora, and Sabdan is a genuine cause of concern. It is highly suspected at a local level that J & K police is ostensibly supporting this sectarian violence. A sense of siege and hopelessness is engulfing the whole areas. This Shia-Sunni friction is growing in tandem in these areas with the swiftly growing radicalization.


Time and again, we fail to comprehend the ‘political gimmickry’ deployed by the political class only to deceive and mislead the gullible. Kashmir has turned into a virtual laboratory of political scheme and experiments wherein all overt and covert techniques are applied to exploit people. The turmoil and political conspiracies along with sectarian outlook has turned our heavenly abode (janat-e-Kashmir) into the desolate land of ignorance and hatred. As the responsible citizens and more importantly humans, every Kashmiri should evaluate the enormity of sectarian friction and profoundly assess its repercussions and ramifications on the political future.


Societies crumble and collapse not because of the transgressions of some warmongers and miscreants, but due to the utter silence of ‘good men’. This is exactly what is happening in Kashmir. The local population seems in dilemma how to look into this evolving sectarian mindset and unveil those necessary elements which add fuel to the sectarian fire. To safeguard our land from such ethnic fissures and violent intrigues, we all should stand up in opposition to every onslaught on religious harmony. This is how the dark age of tyranny will get vanished and surely, peace will be guaranteed in every nook and corner of Kashmir valley.

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