Masters of doublespeak

            Pro Indian political class,  especially National Conference, it appears have mastered the art of doublethink and doublespeak. When in power they  are hitched to short and long term strategy of India. Poster boys of Indian secularism and glorious errands of Delhi they deliver. To their satisfaction. Unmindful of what hell is let loose out of this confiding  relationship. Their sole concern is survival. At any cost. The glory of the rulers in Delhi has the priority over the people they rule in the name of. Having been cast in that particular mould with unconditional loyality stripes all visible, every black and draconian law assumes venerated sanctity and every dissenting voice is muzzled  and despised at. It is Ganges and Yamuna, not Jehlum and Chenab, that make them restless. The hydro-electric "tusker", the National Hydro-electric Power Corporation goes on rampage. Deserting Kashmir of its precious energy resources and shrouding it in darkness. At ‘12% royalty’ shame.

            Anaesthetised in the lap of Delhi, accession they endorse, political, financial and administrative integration of the state with Mahan Bharat they help in affecting. Autonomy is diluted, ecology is vandalised, and land is militarized. We don’t see a single Kashmiri leader, from legendary Sheikh Abdullah to Bakshi to Sadiq, Qasim, Gul Shah, Mufti Sayed, Azad to Farooq and Omar Abdullah, doing anything memorable which would make people strut with their chin high up. Every stint of a Kashmiri leader saw Kashmir squeezed more in glory, integrity, honor, resources and power. Thanks to Delhi’s retracting from its pledges on plebisite and autonomy with active and tacit support of power-lust Kashmiri leaders, we have been on the slippery pole since 1947.

            ‘I shall prefer death to join Pakistan. I have nothing to do with state that tried to enslave us. Pakistan has no right to say that Kashmir must have an impartial administration. I do not accept pakistan as a party to kashmir dispute’, Sheikh Abdullah addressed the Security Council on February 05, 1948. Cradling himself into the arms of Congress party, Sheikh in adressing a function held in connection with the first anniversary of Radio Kashmir at Srinagar said: ‘There is nothing common in our belief and ideology that resulted in creation of pakistan. Common goals and objectives have made NC and Indian Congress inseperable’.

            Deprived of power and striped of all positions and privilleges, from drum-beaters of India’s secularism and democracy, they dye themselves into the colors of India-bashers. Browse through the pages of the book of the "lean" season these leaders were in, you will have them behaving and talking in a ‘seperatist’ or near-seperatist mode. Accusing Indians of ‘betrayal’, ‘stabing in the back’, ‘murdering of democracy’. Till 1953, Sheikh Abdullah was milked to the last drop by his ‘beloved friend’ Pandith Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India, consolidating its political and military hold in Kashmir. With that end served Indian leaders thought Sheikh has become too big for Indian shoes and the Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah need to be cut to size and was ousted from power. And imprisoned. Study the Sheikh and Mahaz Raie Shumaree (Plebisite Front) his party got converted into. For 22 years they rallied people around the freedom movement making demand for RSD (right to self-determination). And their public posturing left no doubts that their time they have repented from their follies they committed earlier in their bonhomie with Indian leadership.

            On September 26, 1964, Sheikh Abdullah wrote a letter in Urdu from prison to one of his trusted confidantees. The letter with Sheikh Abdullah’s signature reads thus:

‘Mere zindagi kaa sab say bada maqsad yeh raha hai keh

 merai ham watnoo ko bee duniya mein aik baa wikaar

aur mumtaz muqaam hasil ho. Iss darjay tak unhein

lai jaanai kai liyai mein nai apnee zindagi kaa

lahi amal yeh banaaya hai keh unhein unka paidaishee

aur fitree haq khud aera’dyat dilwaanai kai khatir

anthak jadoo jihad kartaa rahoon – aur agar is maqsad

 kai hasool mein mairee jaan bhi jayai toa mein usay

apnee khush kismatee samjoon gaa’. (Etalat, December 04, 2007)


(The aim of my life is to ensure honor and dignity

of my people. With that aim in mind I have been

 striving for the enforcement of their right to self determination.

 If I die in the process, I shall be happy man.)

            Then same Abdullah then used to say Koam Mujay Khata Ka’r Keh Saktei Hai Magar Gada’r Nahein (My people can accuse me of wrong doing, but cannot call me a traitor). But hardly eight years had gone in pledging this comittment that Sheikh Abdullah didn’t restrain the temptation to cohibit Delhi and once again he spoke the tutored language: ‘There is no dispute’, he braged, ‘with India on the issue  of accession. The dispute is on the modalities of internal autonomy’. ‘Nobody should forget’, puffing up his Indianess, ‘that I have made Kashmir part of India’.

            Not only National Conference did political sommer sault. In fact every each party with ‘mainstreamist’ strands in its own way and party "nicetees" kept two copies of character intact with them. One to show to the people. Other to keep for itself. One at the time of polls. Other when they are in power. Denounced by Delhi Congress men for NC are no more than ‘gutter insects’. But baptised to Delhi, the wedlock blossoms into most sanctified relationship. Exactly in the same way, Mufti Muhamad Sayed and Mehbooba Mufti are carrying the agenda of Delhi and talking in different vein when in power and out of power. ‘Healing touch philosophy’ for nursing the wounds of Kashmiris, but at the same time showcasing a democratic face of Indian rule which bears all stripes of Bunker raj, where the Chief Minister, though heads the ‘Unified Command’ has no power to prosecute a single soldier involved in extra-judicial killing. Crass opportunistic to the core, it is because of this political class that New Delhi have succeeded in its objective and keeping its hold on Kashmir. At every crucial and defining moment they played Trojan horses of Delhi,only to satiate their political lust and suck people in the Indian groove.