Indian democracy in Kashmir is a vampire that must drink blood of its natives to derive the ultimate satisfaction. Its armed forces can kill, rape, torture and maim its people, under the cover of a law that gives them absolute impunity and also get gallantry awards, monetary rewards & medals directly proportional to their crimes. This democracy has a system in place which guarantees awards, top positions & coveted posts to its killer collaborators & facilitators, be they renegades, political executives or bureaucrats .
In October1947 we had a Prime Minster by the name of Mehr Chand Mahajan. He was appointed by Maharaja on 15th October 1947 on the recommendations of Indian Home Minster, Sardar Vallah Bhai Patel under a well thought out plan (Abdullah in Aatish Chinar-page 288).His appointment came after our own son-of –the –soil Prime Minster Ram Chand Kak was dethroned for fault of propagating a realistic & pragmatic view which favored Kashmir to remain independent of both India & Pakistan. In between, Janak Singh was appointed prime Minster for a brief period as a stop-gap arrangement.

Born in Kangra(Himachal Pradesh) in December 1889, Mahajan, according to astrological advise was an inauspicious boy for his family and was, therefore forced to spend twelve years of his childhood outside the family under the supervision of a foster father. By profession he was a lawyer and by religious beliefs a strict Arya Samaji & a rabid communal(Sheikh Abdullah in Aatish Chinar Page 312). Mahajan served as a member of Radcliffe Commission tasked with demarcation of boundary line between India & Pakistan, where he rendered India a valuable legal service in getting a favorable award for Gurdaspur district, of-course with the latent support of Mountbatten & Cyril Radcliffe himself.

Immediately after taking over the reins of power as Prime Minster in October 1947, the evil genius of Mahajan was visible on the streets of Jammu. The Dogra adminstration’s plan supported by tacit approval of Patel, to massacre Muslims & change the demographic character of Jammu started earlier, was fastracked under his direct supervision. Recalling his meeting with Mahajan, which among others was attended by Trilok Chand Dutt, Giridhari Lal Dogra & Om saraf, in Maharaja’s Palace in Jammu, Ved Bhasin, a veteran Journalist narrates how Mahajan exhorted Hindus to attain parity with Muslims by killing them in large numbers(See Ved Bhasin’s interview published in weekly “Kashmir life” dated 3rd October 2009). Writes Sheikh Abdullah in his Autobiography-Aatish Chinar at page312- 314-“ After learning his role in massacre of Muslims in Jammu, I called him to a meeting in Govt. Guest House and gave him a piece of my mind. I told him that his activities had brought disgrace to his office. I also told him that whereas we were busy protecting the lives of Non-Muslims in Kashmir, he was conniving at massacre of Muslims in Jammu. I drew his attention to his statement before a delegation of local Hindus in which he had said that his plan of reducing the muslims of Jammu to a minority had been successfully carried out.” At another place(page 331 ibid) he writes “ The fact is that Hari Singh & Mahajan had committed grave crimes against humanity for which I wanted them to be tried on Nuremberg trial lines but was prevented due to Indian Home Minstry’s intervention”. 

After conceding Premiership to Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah in March 1948, Mahajan along with his deputy Ram Lal Batra quit the office, after being paid an undisclosed, but nevertheless a hefty sum, by Govt. Of India as compensation for loss of office. In October 1948, on the recommendations of Patel, Mahajan was appointed one of the first judges of Supreme Court of independent India. In Jannuary 1954 he was appointed its Chief Justice. Prime Minster Nehru, inspite of being aware of his criminal record, did not oppose his appointment. Nobody in India raised a question as to how the highest Indian temple of Justice could be headed by a pujari whose hands were soaked with blood of innocent Muslims. This way, a person who should have normally been put behind bars and tried for crimes against humanity, was amply rewarded for following Indian model of Raj-Dharam in Jammu & Kashmir. 

But the interesting part of the story is this. The fickle leadership of National Conference celebrates every year a day in remembrance of Mahajan in Jammu where he is eulogized & showered with glowing tributes. 

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