Menace of Communal Extremism

At present the Hindu card is waving much in the so-called secular constituted country which can be witnessed from the sweeping victory of the Hindu nationalist Bhartiya Janata Party. Hindu nationalist, unlike some shady secular leaderships, have profoundly favored partition specifically to expel Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, thereby leaving no barrier to establishing a Hindu state. Part of their resentment against Muslims and other minority groups as well is by their very presence they require maintenance of secular and multi cultural state and ironically, it is the minority Muslim population that today overwhelmingly supports a secular state.

Now-a-days Narendra Modi has been much in news for his stunning rise in BJP hierarchy and his projection as the BJP nominee for the future Prime Minister. Modi, a person who is colored with blood from head to toe by the carnage of 2002 Gujarat, cannot be washed off with any amount of pouring the water. It will be no exaggeration if we call him next to Hitler as has been declared a Fascist by many social scientists-activists. The Modis candidature of leading the nation as being head of the government will led most trembling results for already torn areas by saffron brigage by their communal hatred and a never ending desire to establish Ram Rajya even at the cost of abolishing the most rivaled Muslim minority. The Muslims in India are favoring this secular flavor for their own security by which they can preserve their culture, religion and identity from an official Hindu state to which fears are looming high and they are concerned about their future because it will be the fate of Hindu nationalists to govern the country in the coming period. The episodes of recent past in kishtwar and Muzafarnagar are witness of what is going to happen with an authorized Chauvinism to which the city of Ayodya is sight freighted with emotions of both sides. The destruction of Babri Masjid by Hindu Zionists splashed a cycle of retaliation all over the India which resulted in a number of episodes to Massacre the Muslim people. The Hindu nationalist party Shiv Sena has all-time polarizing religious and ethnic emotions in the state of Maharashtra and imbibing the hared not only towards Muslims who made about 13 % population of it, but also to the south Indian migrants. 

The saffron bigage has adopted ultra nationalist values and rhetoric and specials in recruiting street thugs for intimidation purposes for Muslim neighborhoods, while at running the government somewhat capably. The serious example of these heinous anti-Muslim riots emerged at the front in 1992 in Mumbai, in which 900 hundred innocents were butchered or either burned alive with their assets and remnants became homeless and it was proved officially that Shive Sena was behind those riots. There after it in Gujarat in 2002 a series of ferocious anti-Muslim riots that were particularly horrific-up to two thousand Muslims died in them in which many were burned alive.

The polarization process in the state, the ghettotization of Muslims is more or less complete by now and Muslims have been relegated to second class citizenship in the state. While few affluent Muslim businessmen are turning to Modi for their survival, the average Muslims are living the life of all round neglect. Most of those who were alleged to be part of leading the mobs, got rewarded, re-elected, though some of them are cooling their heels in the jails under different charges. Gujarat carnage was among the a horrifying in the chain of anti Muslim violence which began from the Jabalpur one in 1961 and passing through the other horrific riots of Meerut Malyana, Bhagalpur, Bhivandi, Mumbai in all of which the anti Muslim one’s. The carnage of Gujarat is a part of the series of anti Muslim violence being spearheaded by the divisive ideology of religious based nationalism. In the same ‘ideological violence’ has come in anti Christian violence peaking in Kandhmal in August 2008. In many of these the inquiry commissions have showed the role of organizations affiliated to RSS or its ideology of Hindu Rashtra.

The persecution of Muslim minority has emerged a brand of fascist ideological mobilization led by the fanatical leaders of hindvuta brigade. While Fascism word is used very often, what is it exactly? Is it a just a dictatorship or is it just massacre of minorities or is there something more to it? These two are the key ingredients of fascism. The other major pillar of fascism is an intimidation of weaker sections through street violence, abolition of democracy and the creation of hysteria around the infallible leader. Hitler was one such, who wanted nation based on German (Aryan Race), he persecuted the Jews and then Communists, He was glorified as the infallible leader, he usurped all the powers in his hands and did have an aggressive stance towards not only the ‘others’ in the country but also the ‘other nations. Hitler was also the favorite of big capitalists. Is any political leader on Indian political chess board close to these analogies? The answer to this perplexing question lies in the name of Narendra Modi.

Author is teaching political science in G D C Sumbal and can be mailed at: