Mirwaiz asks Govt to withdraw security cover ‘Delhi always undermined strong leadership’

Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday asked the government to withdraw his security cover.
Addressing Friday congregational prayers at historic Jamia Masjid, Mirwaiz said, “After the sustained attempt to discredit leadership to disillusion people through vicious NIA ‘smear campaign’, now drums are being beaten about the expenditure incurred on the security cover”

“These devious tactics won’t keep people away from me or me away from them and the freedom movement,” he said.
Referring to the security cover provided to him by the government, Mirwaiz said, “After the martyrdom of my father, police men were already stationed at my house when I returned from Mirwaiz Manzil Rajouri Kadal where my family and I were staying for two months”.

“When we enquired about it, it was communicated that it was obligatory for the state to provide security cover based on their assessment of threat perception after killing of my father and it won’t be removed,” he said.
Mirwaiz said while hundreds of crores of rupees are spent on the police cover provided to thousands of people in the state, singling him out despite fully knowing why the security cover was provided shows their shallowness.
“I reiterate that government is free to withdraw the security cover as and when it wants as I have never asked for it,” he said.

“As a Muslim, it is our belief that safety of a human being is best guaranteed by Allah. For me and for my ancestors, duas and prayers of people is our protection and their selfless love and trust in our strength and asset,” he said.
The Hurriyat (M) chairman said New Delhi with the support of “local collaborators” has always undermined the establishment of a strong leadership as they fear that it would be a huge political challenge for them to take on them.
He said 70 years of political struggle bear testimony that those, who betrayed the peoples trust, are equally responsible for the prevailing situation.
“There have also been great leaders like Mirwaiz Yousuf Shah, Chaudhary Ghulam Abbas, Sufi Mohammad Akbar, Amanullah Khan, Shaheed Maqbool Bhat, Shaheed-e Millat Mirwaiz Molvi Farooq and others, who despite being subjected to pain and hardships of exile and jails and appeasements by the adversary, never compromised their integrity and even sacrificed their lives for it,” he said.
Mirwaiz said the separatist leadership is sincere and steadfast. “Like the tremendous sacrifices being offered by the people especially youth, it is also facing hardships.”
Referring to NIA investigations, he said, “It is a drama to intimidate and badmouth leadership and dishearten people and disillusion them from their just political movement and leadership. However, it has proved to be a failure for the agencies as people saw through it.”
“The lies and fabrications did not hold and the harassment caused to us and those close to us did not deter leadership. The leaders and activists have been detained in Tihar jail in scorching heat and hostile conditions,” he said.
The Hurriyat (M) chairman said since 1947 all governments in India know that sincere and strong leadership in Kashmir is a threat to their control on the region, so they have constantly undermined it.
“When repressive means of jailing, detaining curbing and confining leadership fails, devious tactics to discredit leadership and malign them is adopted. Viscous propaganda, lies and personal smear campaigns is launched on print electronic or social media and facts are twisted and manipulated,” he added.