Mirwaiz proposes intra-Kashmir dialogue Says leaders of five regions be allowed to meet to find lasting solution

Srinagar, May 25:
Hurriyat Conference (M) ChairmanMirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday proposed intra-Kashmir dialogue between the five regions of the State saying the Hurriyatwould support any sincere talks that helps find a lasting solution to Kashmir issue.

Speaking from the pulpit of the Jamia Masjid Srinagar, theMirwaiz said, “To begin with we propose intra-Kashmir dialogue between all the five regions of the erstwhile state of Jammu Kashmir – Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Pakistan administered Kashmir, and GilgitBaltistan.”
The Mirwaiz said the leadership of all these regions should be allowed to meet and discuss to find a lasting solution to the vexed Kashmir issue.

Expressing hopethat this practice starts, he said this could lead to a logical solution of Kashmir.
“But all this is possible when India understands that Kashmir has to be resolved according to the aspiration of the people of the State,” the Mirwaiz said.
He said time had come for New Delhi and Islamabad to engage in a sincere dialogue process.
“For moving forward on Kashmir, the two countries should give chance to Kashmiri leadership,” the Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman said.
“If Government of India (GoI) says they have ceased the gunfire in the Valley, then political dialogue should be started,”he said.
Terming the situation on the borders “war-like”, the Mirwaiz said, “Heavy shelling is reported on both sides.”
He said innocent Kashmiri civilians were getting killed on both the sides in the holy month of Ramadan while the Armies of India and Pakistan were face-to-face on an eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation.
Stressing that ceasefire violationshad been continuing for years now, the Mirwaiz said he hoped India would shun its “rigid” and “stubborn” approach and accept the reality on Kashmir.
He said those who think military power would fetch them peace were wrong and stressed that it was better to take advantage of the present situation and initiate a serious dialogue process.
Referring to the Army Major LeetulGogoibeing caught with a Kashmiri girl, the Mirwaiz demanded stern punishment to Gogoi.
“If this Gogoi was punished earlier when he used a Kashmiri man as human shield, this shameful incident wouldn’t have occurred,” he said.
“There is no accountability for the Army as they are shielded by draconian laws,” the Hurriyat (M) Chairman said. “It is unfortunate that J&K Police has not registered any case against the Army officer and instead handed him over to his Army unit.”
The Mirwaiz said the Army had become “despair and distress” for Kashmiris.
“They should have been in barracks but they are in our mohallas and towns. These incidents are are consequence of their interactions with civilians. We demand a thorough investigation into it,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Hurriyat (M) strongly condemned the use of “brute force” on the people after Friday prayers as clashes erupted between paramilitary forces and youth.
A Hurriyat (M) spokesman in a statement here said ahead of the Friday prayers, entire Nowhatta and Jamia Masjid was turned into a military fortress with huge deployment of police and paramilitary forces.
“This is being done with a sole aim of disrupting peace and to damaging the sanctity of the Jamia Masjid, which is a spiritual centre of lakhs of Kashmiris,” the Hurriyat (M) statement said.
The Hurriyat spokesman denounced the firing on “peaceful worshipers”, injuring dozens including shopkeepers and termed it as an “ultimate repression and highhandedness of the government forces”.

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