Mr. Shankar Aiyar, who you count “happy” and “lucky” (2)

Zial-ul-Haque and Parvez Musharaf were military dictators, we know, who sacked elected governments of PM Z A Bhutto and Nawaz Shareef respectively and imposed their own despotic rule. But what does the history tell  about the Kashmir Chapter of Indian democracy? None other than former PM Atal Biharee Vajpayee  –  whom many Indians called ‘the only right man in the wrong party (BJP) –  remarked that it was the first time in 2002 when elections in J&K were free and fair. That implies all elections conducted before were rigged and farce.

                Regime changes in Pakistan were affected by military Generals , that is ugly and undemocratic. Here in Kashmir, at least till 2002, regime changes too were affected by Delhi’s  nominees. This change done by civilians doing robes of democracy is more shabby and uglier. Generals speaking with the barrel of gun is expected, but democratic rulers virtually behaving like Generals exposes their faith in democracy. And fastens the impressions in the minds of the subjugated people that where in the rest of India the verdict of the people was honored, in Kashmir this Neelam-pari  (fair goddess) of democracy was defrocked, stripped naked many  a time.

                And pray tell us, does democracy thrive in  presence  of black laws? Does democracy reconcile with AFSPA , DAA (Disturbed Areas Act) , and PSA (Public Safety Act)? It is since 1990, that valley and Muslim majority areas of Jammu are governed under these draconian laws. That is why the European delegation chief John Walls cushnahan in its visit to Kashmir a few years before, observes painfully that ‘Kashmir is the world’s most beautiful prison’.

                Imagine the mindset where seven lakh armed forces are pitted against three to four hundred militants (the official figure stated by Sleuths in intelligence Agencies and Police), armed with all draconian laws. Doesn’t this huge presence armed forces negate the democratic claim of new Delhi and reveal its militancy hold on Kashmir? Should ,Mr. Aiyar , Kashmiris, in face of such stark reality, be “thankful” to Shiekh Abdullah for the  ‘wisdom’ he showed in having saved them from joining Pakistan and grabbing them in Indian fold? Or, curse him for reaping the misfortunes and miseries his ‘wisdom’ brought to them? Should Kashmiris salute to Shiekh for being an instrument in chaining them to a nation that retracts from plebesite pledge? Admits security Council resolutions only to piss at them?

                Should people of Kashmir be indebted to sheikh for presenting them as cannon fodder of democratic sultans in Delhi? Should we be ‘lucky’ for seeing our one hundred thousand souls being driven in killing fields, thousand others subjected to forced disappearance, for unnamed graves, for Konanposhpora like tragedies?

                Talibans! ‘Taliban would have been wandering in the valley’, Mani Shankar dreads us of the contours of the land we would have welded our fate with. Good gracious God , this adulation , this grandeur, this exaltation of the state that has seen pulling down brick by brick, the four century old Babri Mosque by hindu fanatic Sang parivar (BJP is the political face of) , under the active support of Kaliyan Singh’s BJP Sarkar  at UP and Connivance  of Narsima Roy-headed Congress coalition in Delhi. That has yet to bring jutice to killers of more than two thousand Sikhs killed in the aftermath of former PM Indra Gandhi’s murder  by two Sikh guards. Gujrat is a fresh wound, where BJP’s Narindar Modi regime , in violation of Indian constitution and minimum demands of “Ahansa parmodharma”, abetted  in the genocide of nearly two thousand Muslims by ‘Hindu Taliban’s’ to buy a phrase from the Indian intellectual , and, Mr. Aiyar, who paraded naked the nuns on the streets in India? Who roasted alive Dr. Stanley along with his two young sons in his car in Babunishwar some years back. What was the “sin” of the Doctor who used to treat epilepsy patients and out of love and compassion and free of cost?

                Talibans of Pakistan would have forced us to sport beard, warns Aiyar. Inherent in this assumption is that Pakistan is a land of Daadi  walas , where none can strut out and have his face clean shaved? Is it true? Mr. Aiyar has gone to Pakistan and so many of his Indian friends and in this advanced technological era nothing is hidden from the probing eyes. A majority of the people there are not having beards. That speaks volumes of Aiyar’s canard.

                And then, more importantly, why Indians hook us with Pakistan at each and every occasion. It is true Islamic fraternity makes us sensitive to the country that owes its birth to two-nation theory and secondly, Pakistan, along with India, holds stakes in Kashmir that does not mean that we have not expressed our will in favor of that country. What people of Kashmir want is their right to self determination, the right World Body granted and India and Pakistan accepted. Sadly, however, while Pakistan has not went back on Security Council Resolutions, Indian government shamefully did that. Still Aiyar puffs up with “we, the largest democracy in the world”! One small, innocuous test, if Kashmiris are as Aiyar makes us to believe ‘lucky’ lots, why don’t you allow your claim to get endorsed by plebiscite you once pledged to honor? That you are afraid of referring it to people amply demonstrates that  India is roping an unwilling people to its accession fold.

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