My son was abused in police lock-up before he joined militancy: Sehrai

Tehreek-e-Hurriyat chairman Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai Friday said his son was abused in police lock up which prompted to him to join militancy.
He also said every Kashmiri youth isn’t a “drug addict”, and there are “educated and conscious youngsters” who are “capable of taking decisions on their own.”
Sehrai, said that his son Junaid Ashraf, who recently joined the militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen, was an “MBA degree holder and an intelligent boy.”
“He didn’t join militancy for worldly affairs…but must have chosen his way after realizing what people of his nation are going through,” Sehrai said.
“Every Kashmiri youth is not a drug addict. There are educated and conscious ones as well and my son is one among them. He took his decisions on his own seeing the brutality and suppression of Indian forces here. My son must have felt that our future is not safe under such circumstances, so he took his own decision,” Sehrai told a group of journalists at his office at Hyderpora.
Sehrai talked about the frequent harassments the youths face on the roads and streets of Kashmir. He shared an anecdote of his son when he was abused by a DSP rank official inside a lock up.
“Junaid was one day abused inside a lock up,” Sehrai said.
He went on saying, that his son is “outspoken and fearless”. “He was picked up by the police officer when he had a minor verbal brawl with a non-local vendor whose handcart had scratched my son’s car. Later my son was abused and tortured like anything,” Sehrai recalled.
The senior Hurriyat leader said that Kashmir is a civilized society like other societies of the world.
“We are not monkeys. We have rights like others, but we are treated by Indian forces as if we are wild creatures and monkeys. No mother is sure whether his son returns home safely in the evening,” he said.
He said the youths face harassment by forces and they take their decisions on their own as to how they can come out of it. “They choose their way to do their part for the larger goal of freedom,” Sehrai said.
“The youth of the present day are not the youth of the times of Sheikh Abdullah that they would blindly follow anyone,” Sehrai said, adding that “today’s youth are well-educated and very much able to take their decisions.”
“Like many others my son has also chosen his path. He didn’t meet me when he left. One fine morning I heard that he has laid down his life for the freedom movement,” Sehrai said.