Excerpts from the Report by Network of Women in Media India (NWMI ) and Free Speech Collective ( FSC ) Dated September 4, 2019.
1. Harassment of Journalists.
2. Blockade of verifiable information
3. Restriction of mobility even in hospitals.
4. Control of available printing facilities for publication.
5. Absence of Editorial voice in major newspapers
6. Government control of the narrative of what is normal.
7. Most highly militarized area.
8. Detentions, threats, and investigations.
9. The total ban on communication even in press enclave.
10. Close monitoring of media by confining it to a private hotel room with one internet connection and presence of Directorate of information and public relations ( DIPR ).
11. Bizarre response from the government in press conferences telling correspondents to check Twitter for the news even after knowing that there was no internet available outside that room
12. Journalists forced to self-censor.
13. Banning all Pakistan news channels and also preventing publications of any news about Pakistan or Pakistan.
14. Detention of Journalists, like Tahir Sultan of Kashmir Narrator, Qazi Shibli of Kashmiriyat and Irfan Malik of GK.
15. Torture detainees particularly of youth and children who are picked by police during night raids particularly in villages.
16. Pellet injured patients going to private hospitals to avoid police scrutiny.
17. Change of surgical ward for injured patients in order to make them inaccessible
18. Preventing international media from visiting Jammu and Kashmir.
19. Challenging international Media like BBC and Al-Jazeera.

Voices of enslaved Indian occupied Kashmiris

I do bring out my newspaper daily but I feel guilty towards my readers.
The media has been delegitimized.
No news from anywhere.
There is a high degree of self-censorship.
The local media is crushed.
Hospitals are with terrible scenes with a lot people with pellet injuries.
Police ordered us to delete our videos
There is a total disempowerment of everyone. The journalists, activists and even pro India politicians.

By NWMI and FSC.
Reported and Recorded by Journalists by Laxmi Murthy and Geeta Seshu of NWMI and FSC. In Indian Occupied Kashmir.