NIA’s 3rd summon: Mirwaiz to visit Delhi; Bhat, Lone to accompany ‘NIA promised to take care of Mirwaiz’s security concern’

A crucial meeting of the Hurriyat Conference (M) executive members which included Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Abdul Ghani Bhat, Bilal Ghani Lone, Masroor Abbas Ansari was held at the residence of the Mirwaiz after the third summon was sent to him by NIA to come to New Delhi for questioning as a witness.

The meeting strongly condemned the move and said the chairman was being deliberately harassed and there was an effort to criminalize the Hurriyat leadership for their political stand.
They said Hurriyat was a political coalition of political parties striving for the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue and to associate it with anything to do with terror was ridiculous and deliberate victimisation for their political ideology.

The conglomerate said it was unfortunate that while they had always maintained that Kashmir was a political issue that needs resolution peacefully and humanely and always worked toward that end and walked the talk in that regard by welcoming and participating in every effort at dialogue between the stakeholders, yet the rulers of the day were resorting to such tactics to harass and intimidate them under the garb of legality.

The Hurriyat said despite having nothing to do with the matter yet the Mirwaiz through his legal counsel had said that he was ready to cooperate in the investigation but had asked the agency to hold it in Srinagar as he had several genuine concerns including serious security concerns in New Delhi.
It said that NIA had refused to conduct the investigation in Srinagar but said in the notice that it would take care of his security concern.

The Hurriyat said that it was unfortunate that they did take into account the other concerns and were insisting on investigation in Delhi.
It said that the meeting decided that they would all accompany Mirwaiz to New Delhi for the investigation.
The Hurriyat said they know that people were anguished and concerned for the Mirwaiz as their religious emotions were attached to him as Mirwaiz-e-Kashmir, besides him being a representative of their political sentiments.
They said they know that people were deeply anguished by the harassment of the Mirwaiz but urged them to stay calm and peaceful.
They said the Mirwaiz or any member of the Hurriyat had nothing to do with the so-called funding case and it was sheer vindictiveness on part of the authorities.