Not Zombies, not misguided


                To deny kashmiris their basic right to shape their destiny themselves-in other words, freedom –Indians have not only chocked political dissent, militarized the ‘place’ , converted it into prison (beautiful prison, Europeans say) , they have resorted to vilification campaign . false constructs are build, distortions are made and vicious propaganda is unleashed to rob the resistance movement off its moral high ground. Indians know they have lost Kashmir morally, politically and legally the day it claimed kashmiris its integral after reneging from plebiscite  it pledged to honor and implement. Guilty conscious it knows what it suffered how much. So to make amends of the loss in the trust deficit they have tried (and are trying) to pick holes in the  moral fabric of the movement . of the many tools they picked from the Goeblian workshop , one they frequently put in use  is the youth associated with militancy or even stone-pelters are usually unemployed, come from the lower strata of our society,  are not educated  and hail from poor families. This pathetic fallacy get exposed when  over 70 percent people in India are reeling  in abject poverty but one does not see them rising in revolt and demand Azadi. People in Kashmir are , comparatively, better placed in at least here nobody dies of hunger. In fact for the millions of  poor people in India Kashmir have become Dubai.

                Another propaganda tool  Indian media , intelligence agencies and political class use against kashmiri youth, who not reconcile Indian hold on Kashmir and try to do everything they can to untangle it, is they accuse them as ‘misguided’ and ‘anti-social’ elements.

                The recent martyrdom of kashmrii youth hailing from affluent sections of society and being highly educated nails this lie Indian imperialistic edifice rests on.      

                Saiffulah Rafique Ahangar, a 19 years blooming  youth was martyred in an encounter   with Indian forces in may last week. This is only after three months he has joined the militants (he left his home March 24 this year). Saifullah  has recently completely  his diploma in civil engineering at Pattan (in North kashmir). His father is a retired government employee and is well established economically.

                Sajad Ahmad Mir embraced martyrdom on 1st June this month fighting Indian forces at Wandana  village of Shopian. He has qualified his B.Sc with 80 %  ranks. He later did his PG in Islamic studies from Kashmir University qualifying with graceful 90 % marks.  Unstoppable in his zeal to reach the maximum he soon got admission  at Islamic University Awantipora before joining militant ranks in June 2009.

                Another young Kashmiri Hilal Ahmad was martyred in May fighting forces in south kashmir. He was muftee, (one entitled to deliver religious verdicts).

                The examples quote above falsify all the rubbish that is mucked at the people who have rose in the revolt against  Indian hegemony. They reflect the youth up  against the Indian military might are not zombies nor they are victims of unemployment . they are  talented, and come from well to do families. But the miseries of subjugation triggered the flame of resistance in them and they sacrificed their bright future, their families and, most importantly their lives for the sacred cause.

                Surging sea of men, women  and children participated  in their funeral  procession chanting Azadi , raising slogans against India. Syed Ali Shah Geelani, as always, on people’s demand, addressed the people at  the funeral ceremony. That itself indicates who guides and misguides the people. A big slap on the neo-avtars of Chanakya.