Obama scare!

While as many people are eagerly waiting for the visit of the American President, Kashmiris are apprehending some engineered violence to get his adverse reaction about their peaceful movement!

There are many incidents in the past when violence occurred in Kashmir during the visit of an important leader to India. One of the incidents is the Chhattisinghpora massacre of Sikhs in Kashmir which took place during the visit of President Bill Clinton to Delhi. He himself had expressed doubt about the groups behind the incident.

In his foreword to Madeleine Albright’s book he blames Hindu militants for these attacks. Now famous Headly is being quoted to have confessed that LeT indulged in this massacre. Incidentally, Headly seems to have mysteriously become the crystal ball giving background of all previous events of violence in the subcontinent! No one is stating the fact that James Headly has been a double agent who has been working for FBI and CIA. That makes these two agencies of USA also accomplices in such violent incidents. They may be the prime movers of such plots for their own long term incidents. The 9/11 incident gave many people an easy handle to beat their antagonists especially if they belonged to the Muslim community anywhere in the world. The most extensive use of this convenient camouflage to cover anything at any time was used by India in Kashmir. They did not even spare the unarmed peaceful civilian protests against the harsh and excessive use of force by the security forces. These too were labelled as ‘agitational terrorism’. Intelligence reports are being supposedly received about possible suicide attacks before and during President Obama’s India visit in the first week of November. Such reports are always very conveniently received whenever there are chances of some settlement of the long standing Kashmir dispute or some important dignitary is to visit the subcontinent. As usual the electronic media with obvious green signal from the right people has started raising hype about imminent terror attacks during Obama’s visit. Hype appears more suggestive than informative! Interestingly, same time the LoC gets heated up in Kerni and Kishenghati sector! One fails to understand how these intelligence reports get automatically copied to the electronic media? Normally if a country receives specific intelligence about possible attacks it would very stealthily try to locate the suspected possible perpetrators of such incidents and deal with them before they can cause any harm. The leaks appear more suggestive than informative. It seems as though certain agencies want the terrorists to indulge in such attacks otherwise there is no sense in publicising the issue. If it is meant to warn the public and prepare them for possible assaults then this is not the proper way. The government has to then come out with specific details enabling the public to be alert to thwart these. There are many incidents in the past when such hype was raised and incidents did take place but it is doubtful as to which group or agency was behind these.

Recently, the Chief of the United Jihad Council in the Pakistan Administered Kashmir Salah-ud-Din issued a statement asking militants to be on alert regarding possible violent incidents being engineered by various agencies to defame Kashmir’s freedom movement. He, in fact advised all militant groups to avoid any action in civilian areas and restrict their activities to border areas only. Earlier he had expressed his full support to the peaceful movement launched by the youth in Kashmir. He had also been advocating curtailing of prolonged shut downs which drew ire from the angry youth. The situation of conflict in different susceptible spots in the world has become so murky that it is impossible to pinpoint the real culprits unless they are caught red handed. The present problem in Kashmir does not have real violent background as compared to the years of militancy in nineties. It is a mass attempt at peaceful protests throughout the valley. No doubt the demand of the masses may be rebellious or what is termed as secessionist yet no one is in real terms interested in generating violence. The two decades of militancy have amply demonstrated to the masses in general that the gun is not a solution to their problems. There has been a paradigm shift but unfortunately the authorities in Delhi are not prepared to welcome the same. Analysing the happenings of last four months or so there appear two basic premises. Firstly, Delhi is not prepared to trust any Kashmiri Muslim even if he swears by the constitution to uphold the integrity of the country. Secondly, they are not at all prepared to entertain any public talk about “Azadi” even if made peacefully. This has been amply demonstrated in the recent episode in New Delhi when the “Azadi” movement head was heckled in a seminar organised by the members of the Indian Civil Society itself! In spite of the international bodies’ claims, world opinion, and the stark history of the dispute Delhi is not prepared to budge from its unreasonable stand that Kashmir is an integral part of India. The only dispute they are prepared to concede is about the part administered by Pakistan. They cite the Parliament resolution as if it overrides all global legalities and the stark realities! However, if one concedes both the premises as unchangeable, still there could be a lot of leeway in operating within these parameters. All attempts at dialogue through interlocutors or otherwise will be fruitless unless one knows exactly whom to talk to? In the prevailing situation the traditional leaders have themselves loss relevance. They are being mostly led by the public sentiment and emotions. It is now an established fact that the current agitation draws its strength from the angry youth who in reality are the children of conflict. The interlocutors or any representatives of Delhi have to first get to the real leadership of the current uprising. None of them would be forthcoming simply because there is already a witch hunt to nab the so called stone pelters. Hundreds have been arrested. After a long time the cordon and search operations have been restarted to identify and incarcerate the youth leaders. No one can talk to a mass of revolutionaries! They must first throw up a leadership which can give their point of view. It may be better for the interlocutors to hold open unconditional public discussions with the youth from different areas to gauge their mood! In a similar situation in 1963 created by the removal of the holy relic from the Hazratbal mosque, the government allowed the coming up of a totally new leadership to talk to them. They did not suppress the peaceful upsurge of the people which was more extensive than the present one. The mass movement threw up the Awami Action Committee with whom Lal Bahadur Shastri sent by Pandit Nehru started a dialogue to restore peace. Why could not the same thing have been done now? This leaves only one conclusion that Delhi is not prepared for any negotiation except the one allowing it to maintain the status quo. Rest is all a play to take everyone including its own people for a ride!

Had they been sincere, they would have unilaterally taken measures put forth as conditions by some of the traditional leaders to create a conducive atmosphere. These confidence building measures were not going to take Kashmir out of India but were a means to convince the common people about the sincerity of the authorities to sort out the basic problem. Instead they are creating the terror hype whether spontaneous or engineered to put a stronger lid over the aspirations of the people. There can be nothing more hypocritical than this! As the proverb goes one cannot fool all the people all the time! Truth has the habit of hitting one in the face when least expected!

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