Of Ajmal Kasab’s strutting openly and arrogantly

            Mohd Ajmal Kasab was hanged and prides Indian Home Minister Shinde, ‘justice served’. The people, as per Indian media, set off fire works and ‘celebrated’ the ‘justice’ on the streets of Mumbai and other cities. ‘some held up photos of Kasab with a rope noose superimposed over Kasab’s head’.
            But what about thousands of Kasab’s in olive green and in Khakhi strutting openly and arrogantly? What about kasab’s donning Gandhi topi (cap) wearing saffron robes? Many a time blood of innocent people has been spilled by the mighty influential and power intoxicated and as many a time the claws of justice has failed to grab them. Oppression Blue Storm (golden temple attack in Amritsar claimed the life of “iron lady” Indhra Gandhi. She was gunned down by her two Sikh security guards in 1984. Her assassination ‘shook the earth’ and opened the gates of hell for Sikh community. More than two thousands of Sikh were done to death and burned alive. This is admitted officially, unofficially the death toll is said to be nearly ten thousands. Whether two thousands or ten thousands, irrespective of debating on the number of deaths at the moment, the all important point is has justice been accorded to the Sikh community? Two Sikh guards you sent to gallows within a year or two committing of murder, but why this “pro-activism” witnessed in all organs of the state is markedly absent when it comes delivering justice to thousands of Sikh community. It is 28 years since the brutal carnage but blood of innocents is still crying for justice?
            Gujarat Muslim genocide was carried under the connivance, abatement and supervision of Modi government. Nearly two thousand Muslim were sucked in the communalist inferno BJP government blazed. The one who should have been left swirling on the rope has the cheeks to ask the UPA government to ‘move faster to execute Afzal Guru’. And lo and behold, the “great leader”, who was accorded state honor and the Indian government paid the ‘best homage’ in the execution of Ajmal Kasab, had his and his party Shiv Sena’s hands drenched in the 1998 anti-Muslim riots in Mumbai. Thackeray openly called for attacks as his editorials in his paper “Samna” testifies. Sri-Krishna Commission constituted by the government to probe the riots accused Thackeray and Shiv Sena for Muslim pogrom.
            Babri Masjid demolition exposed the secular claim of the Indian state. The culprits are roaming free and unapologetic. L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Ashok Shinghal, Murali are awarded berths in legislature and in ministries.
            You are celebrating kasab’s death. Good. but why justice is not being accorded in cases of fake encounters, custodial killings and unmarked mass graves when it comes to Kashmir. Why criminals of Kunan Posh Pora and Shopian that committed a heinous crime of gang-raping have skipped justice? Why Chattisingh Pora, Wandhama, Kupwara, Sopore, Sailin Poonch, Bijbihara, Gaukadal massacres and Machill-like fake encounters are not appealing the ‘collective conscience’ of the Nation India. Why blood of Mumbaikarans sends the killer to the gallows and that of Kashmiris wins the killer promotions and ‘gallantry’ awards? Is this justice, Mr. Shinde? When crime is crime, why be selective. Why be xenophobic and communalist? Why be jaundiced? Is crime from yours justifiable, ours punishable?