Of minnows and their masters

                To blow hot and cold has become second nature of National Conference. Hypocrisy has won its faithful followers in this party. From its very day of its existence, it has revealed in crass opportunism. Its saber rattling soon fizzles out in shameful submission. Deceit and duplicity has in this “grand” organization all the hues and colors. Green, saffron, red clothes it wears to match the pulse of audience. It believes in blackmailing of pious sentiments. The sheer lust of power drugs it to divorce ideologies and stands as easily as one changes its clothes.

            From 1947, the cumulative agonies and sufferings and repression this nation of ours has been undergoing is due to its insatiable greed for power. There are rare examples in history where gamekeeper has turned into a terribly cunning and pitiless poacher. The NC has from legendary “lion” to its third generation toothless cub perfected this art. The slogans of plebiscite and later on divan of autonomy has meant just consolidate the bunker raj and garrison authority of Indian authority.

            With such spots on its hide, it is understandable for whom it wants to have its pheromones activate when in the legislative assembly its members accuse Syed Ali Shah Geelani, that he is ‘evil of all trouble’ in Kashmir.

            Wazefa Khar Hoa Galib, Doa Shah Koa dua’ instantly this couplet from Ghalib has struck the mind Aga knows he is one of the minnows in the party and such a diatribe from him is aimed to please the Sheikh dynasty. Otherwise, in the heart of his hearts, he knows this kind of gesture amounts to spitting sky.

            Not only admirers of Geelani, even his ardent opponents and cheek less rivals admit that by his principled stand and steadfastness and his sacrifices for the cause of right to self determination Geelani has emerged as the most revered leader of Kashmir with mass following far and wide and across the Line of Control. His refusal to bow before the Indians and make compromises has exacted much price from him. He survives on pace maker, with one-fourth of kidney, continues detained in house for past two years and his organization virtually made incapacitated and dysfunctional due to relentless crackdown. Nonetheless he stood like a rock on his stand. That character won him the eternal sobriquet; he is resistance personified.

            Aga Roohullah’s memory seems to be extremely poor. Didn’t he listen the statement of his own party’s MP, Gh Nabi Ratanpuri that when he said that there is no other leader who can match Geelani in Kashmir in public support and respect.

            Whether Geelani would live to his cherished wish of Kashmir achieving freedom or not, he has been pivotal in getting the movement entrenched in generation third. He might look ‘evil’ to political stooges like Agas, however, for an overwhelming majority in Kashmir Geelani is Geelani they can trust and show allegiance to. A nod from him brings thousands on streets and jams people in home. NC and New Delhi know this stark reality. Hence the curbs on his movement.