Of “Your’s sincerely” image improving exercise

                                                The uprising of 2008-2010 have unnerved policy makers in Delhi. They leave no stone unturned to cap the vent of dissent . on the other hand they are utilizing their state resources and government machinery to wean Kashmiris away form Kashmir mainstream narrative. Educational institutions , in particular, Kashmir university has been turned into a hub of political activities and number of academicians have been hired to help in changing the discourse. Huge contingents of cultural troops, civcil society activists , poets, journalist, actors, comedians, feminists are imported to lure people into the benefits of ‘normalcy’, which euphemism means reconciling to status quostic position. Police, paramilitary forces and army are, in day in and day out, scripting fixtures for Bharat darshan tours, organizing round the clock tournaments and seminars and debates. Various religious organizations  have been won over and their madrasses being funded and are their leaders put on pay rolls. Everything that is going to undermine the identity of Kashmir and its Muslim majority character is encouraged.  Strenuous efforts are being made to submerge the powerful discourse   high-decibel cacophony of “kashmiriyat”

                        With this “yours sincerely” image improving exercise , intended to disorient people from basic sentiment of azadi and consequently , cause disillusionment, Delhi misses no opportunity to tighten its hold and create grave-yard silence.
                          Bhim Singh takes out procession at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi in ‘defense of democracy’. He expresses his anger  at the separate banner, flag and constitution state of Jammu and Kashmir has through Article 370. Panun Kashmir through its communalist and racist agenda is dead set in carving out ‘panun kashmir’ from Muslim-majority Kahsmir. Its separate  ‘home land’ demand in all its ideological moorings seems replica of Zionism. With the malicious intention of shrine Board drowning Kashmir under avalanche of Yatrees and  the Indian Supreme Court taking “suo-moto” of Amar Nath Yatra deaths, and its directive to the state government for making road to the cave, it is not difficult to see the contours of an Amarnath Nagar in making.

                        Although ‘regional Parties’ like National Conference and  PDP are claiming to be Kashmir-centric, their track record shows that they are more loyal to Delhi than Indian National Congress and the BJP. The mud-slinging people witness between the NC and the PDP is a sibling rivalry to please the patriarch in Delhi. Remember Amarnath Shrine Board is the creation of the NC. Its empowering the SASB to the arrogance of a super-cop where it functions a state within a state is a “gift” NC has given to people of Kashmir. And not lacking behind in the race of gyrating its hips of allegiance to Delhi is the PDP. Its “self-rule” slogan has all its flexibility in facilitating Indian’s designs and sabotaging  Kashmir cause. While SASB was the creation of the NC, transferring four hundred kanals of forest land to the SASB surreptitiously through a cabinet order by PDP reveals they have no compunction to make a sell-out of Kashmir for their vested interests.

                        It is time to have a grasp of the situation and expose the hypocrats . Tomorrow it will be too late.
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