On the Political Chameleons of Kashmir

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On the Political Chameleons of Kashmir

August 26, 2018

By Fida Hussain Sodagar

During my school days I had read an interesting story: The Story of a Snake and Chameleon. Each time, the snake wanted to prey on the chameleon, it used to change color to deceive the snake him. The Snake could not get hold of the chameleon because of its inability to comprehend the ingenuity of chameleon. After a long time, the snake had a constructive idea in mind. He fixed its body on the branch of a tree, the color of which resembled its body. This time, the chameleon miscalculated the situation and the snake swallowed it all together. The snake then realized that no one can betray others for long time. The deception is short lived and self destructive.

This story aptly suits the political situation in Kashmir. There are chameleons in Kashmir more deceptive and dangerous. They change colors in the blink of an eye. They betray their own people even they have no danger from them. They change colors to be in power. They are power hungry chameleons ready to break their promises brutally. They change colors to perpetrate acts of deceit on their own people. They kill their conscience and spit loads of venom in the debates of unethical and biased TV channels.

Their words are more painful than bullets and pellets. They pierce the soul of Kashmir and the Kashmiri people. They engage in a type of paradigm shape-shifting in order to blend in with those they are surrounded by even if they are predators of peace. The idea behind it is that just as chameleons change the color of their skin to blend in with their surroundings, the Kashmiri politicians also change the political views to blend in with a particular group. The political conformity serves as a sort of camouflage for them to navigate in the power grabbing exercise. They undergo a quick metamorphosis to grab power.

Deception has limits. But, the Political chameleons have devastated the limits and boundaries of betrayal. They deserve a gift of unlimited shame. Sometimes they want autonomy and self rule. In another moment they project the Atoot Ang (Integral Part) philosophy. They are the oppressed ones in Kashmir and they sing the songs of Delhi. Their conscience is dead. All they want is chair and power. They have always been interested in political angle of Kashmir agony. Chameleon politics in Kashmir has blocked the peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue.
Now coming to the Snake-Chameleon story again, treachery is short lived. It backfires brutally and burns the roots of the tricksters. The art of deception is a strong weapon of self destruction. There is no space for deception left in Kashmir now. The political chameleons have to ram this fact in mind. They can either choose to digest it or not!

—The author holds a P.G in Mass Communication and Journalism and writes on various issues. He can be reached at : f.hussainsodagar@gmail.com