Only way to peace is Kashmir resolution: Yasin Malik.

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Only way to peace is Kashmir resolution: Yasin Malik.

June 9, 2018

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday said the only way to ensure a lasting peace in Kashmir was to accept its political reality and resolve the issue without delay.

“Our struggle for freedom and self determination is genuine and legitimate and use of military means, political gimmicks or oppressive measures cannot deter this nation from pursuing this sacred goal,” Malik told a gathering at Chrar-I-Shareef on Jumat-ul-Vida.

The JKLF chairman managed to reach Chrar town after evading police barriers and barricades. In his address after prayers, Malik said: “J&K has been turned into a killing field and the forces are killing people at will. No one in the international community is bothered about it. In fact international community on many occasions chose to blame the oppressed Kashmiris for being killed, maimed, blinded and vandalised. Similarly, Palestinians are being brutalised by Zionist Israel and international community especially the US instead of stopping killers is seen vetoing at the UNO to shield Israeli crimes.”

He said people of J&K, Palestine and other suppressed nations desire to live with dignity, honor and freedom but international community was denying them this basic human right.

Reacting to the statement of Union home minster Rajnath Singh on Thursday that resistance camp was playing with future of Kashmiri youth, Malik said: “How can those people who are killing our young ones, blinding our budding flowers and maiming our kith and kin especially for the past four years have the audacity to deliver sermons on saving new generations. Did not they feel any shame or regret on the oppression they have unleashed on these young Kashmiris?”

Stating that people in Kashmir were being subjected to atrocities for the past 70 years, Malik said: “Our youth are subjected to torture, arrest, and humiliation and thus pushed to the wall. The same young boys are now being targeted and killed with impunity and their death is celebrated by the forces.”

He said from 2016 more than 600 persons have been killed, more than thousands blinded and thousands maimed and imprisoned by.

“This genocide and violence continues unabated and sole aim of it is to suppress Kashmiri voices. Besides employing iron fist policies, Indian policy makers with active support of their stooges like PDP are trying to play peace talk drama to hoodwink international opinion and camouflage their crimes against humanity,” he said.

“Freedom and right of self determination are our birth right, our desire, our aspiration and our demand and only way to address Kashmiri issue,” Malik said.

Stressing upon the need for strengthening unity, the JKLF chairman said that mainstream politicians and parties were actually responsible for miseries of people as they “collaborate with oppressors and provide legitimacy to their crimes”.

“As a living nation it is our duty to stay away from any process like elections that gives these collaborators power to harm us,” Malik said.

He said thousands of Kashmiris were languishing in police stations and jails and were being denied basic human facilities.

Stressing upon the need for an early release of all Kashmiri prisoners from jails, Malik said that civilized countries and nations don’t cage their opponents and suppress their voices. “If India and its Kashmiri stooges claim to be democrats, they should open the doors of jails and let free those who have been languishing in jails from many years,” Malik said.

He said on Eid it was a common practice in the past to release prisoners but today the PDP rulers under influence of RSS, instead of releasing political prisoners, were actually trying to fill jails and police stations.