Oppression has crossed all limits: Hurriyat (G)

Hurriyat (G) Sunday condemned killing of Javid Ahmad Dar of Wardwan, Budgam.
Hurriyat (G) statement said: “Widespread arrests were made by armed forces and police in Kareemabad Pulwam and more than 80 people were injured in police action. The oppression has crossed all limits.”

Hurriyat said, “On one hand armed forces along with the local police at the behest of yes-men of ferociousness have crossed all the limits of cruelty and mercilessness and on the other hand the followers of Chanakya’s politics continue to beat the drum of talks just to mislead the innocent people.”

Referring to CM Mehbooba Mufti’s statement yesterday, Hurriyat (G) said, “By everyday killing especially in their own constituencies a ‘little disturbance’ shows their callous and indurate attitude, withering away their people friendly mask, they have been riding on since their inception into politics.”

Hurriyat (G) said: “Converting the whole vale into an army garrison and a big prison stands testimony to the fact that rulers and their local collaborators have lost the moral standing, and only reason they are here, is by their military might. This is the only reason they can’t tolerate the echo of people’s voice reverberating in each and every street here. Forces crush this voice by force, killings, ransacking, molestation and widespread arrests, thinking that doing this will weaken our resilience.”

While condemning the arrests, slapping PSA on people including kids and lodging them away from the valley, Hurriyat (G) said this is the gross violation of rules and regulations laid down by even Supreme Court of India, where in it has been clearly stated that arrested persons be kept in their own localities so that their families can meet them regularly.

“But as Jammu and Kashmir is a lawless state, these political prisoners are lodged outside valley just to penalize and inflict maximum physical as well as psychological trauma on them.They are kept with criminals and other convicts thereby endangering their safety as well,” Hurriyat (G) further said in its statement, adding Hurriyat has taken strong note of some youth compelling the shopkeepers to shutdown during the relaxation time.

Statement said, “Hurriyat wants to clarify once again that this period is part of the program and is meant to get the essential commodities as whole nation is willfully in the struggle and the relaxation time is just a respite and whosoever violates the joint program is not a well wisher of the movement.”

Referring to the damage of electric transformers in South Kashmir, Hurriyat said, “After blinding our youth, army and paid agents are subjecting the whole population to the darkness and and by doing so they want the locals to approach the local collaborators and in return of these transformers and restoration of the electricity they will try to dent this ongoing movement.”