Our world is not covered by Humanity but by Power Politics – Kashmir is the biggest example!

Our world is not covered by Humanity but by Power Politics – Kashmir is the biggest example!


October 29, 2018

Kashmiris are perhaps one of the most unfortunate people in the world. Nature has been both benign and brutal to their land. They are potentially the most gifted people but their abilities have remained untapped for centuries. Kashmir Freedom Movement exists to empower and lead the people in their struggle for peace, social justice, freedom and re-unification of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The people of Kashmir once an independent and sovereign nation have been subjected to oppression, subjugation and forced division since 27 October 1947.

Kashmiris are not militants, the Kashmiri youth also wants to play in the ground, the girls want education and safe environment to grow in, the Kashmiri parents also want their kids to achieve success in education, professional life and breathe in safe environment BUT unfortunately the fate of Kashmiris is under a dark cloud since past 70 years. There kids breathe aroma of tear-gas and shells instead of fresh air and see smoke and blood instead of peaceful environment, their youth gets shot by pellets guns or go missing without any hope of return. Their sons don’t become doctors or engineers but are killed by the Indian security forces at young age just because they decide to stand up and question the unwanted and never ending oppression by Indians.

This modus operandi is not justified, Modi government had adopted the policy of aggression and subjugation leading to the murder, maiming, illegal incarceration and forced evacuation of the Kashmiris. Today an increasing number of Kashmiris are rallying to the call of Armed Struggle realizing that the freedom will be attained only through the barrel of the gun.

Burhan Wani is one of the examples of a bright school kid and a talented cricket player whose life took a complete U-turn when he witnessed the atrocities of Indian Security forces with his neighbor and brother. That was a turning point, when a school kid became a Mujahid. His father states that he was aware that the path Burhan has chosen has a life span of 6-8 yrs and he was right about it. Burhan become part of the freedom fight in 2010 and got shahadat in 2016 at the age of 22; the age when mothers are anxiously waiting for their sons to complete their education and step in their professional, independent lives. Words cannot justify the agony of mothers who see their young sons in coffins and Kashmiri mother face this agony every day!

A heart wrenching report to Kashmir Media Service states that the rate of death in Kashmir since Jan 1989 till 31 Mar 2018 is 94,952. And the number of women gang raped / molested by the lust driven, insensitive Indian monsters is 11,508. The list of inhuman acts that the Kashmiris face at the hands of so called democratic, secular India is never-ending.

It is high time that after witnessing 70 years of struggle of innocent, oppressed Kashmiris that world stands up for this nation and questions India for its unjust behavior with the helpless Muslim community. The Indian media is suppressing the news coming in from Kashmir through communication gag, press gag, media gag and the government is hiding from accountability by applying draconian black laws such as Armed Force Special Powers Act (AFSPA) which protects the actions of security forces that are deployed in Kashmir. In addition to AFSPA other draconian laws such as Public Safety Act (PSA), terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act (TADA) and National Security Act (NSA) allow the security forces to continue the state-sponsored suppression and gross human rights violations in Kashmir.

The hopeless inertia of the UN and the outright indifference of the big powers towards the fate of Kashmir are major contributing factors to the continued criminal occupation of Kashmir by India’s ruling clique. Apart from some muted statements from human rights organizations and a few editorials in influential newspapers, the world has remained indifferent to the sufferings of the Kashmiris at the hands of Indians. These violations are a challenge for human rights organizations and the right thinking people of India. Unfortunately no Muslim country has raised its concern at the individual level, nor did OIC used its power to pressurize international watchdogs and UN to come up with a resolution for Kashmir. United States; the super power and the main advocate of Human Rights in the world is unwilling to take a serious stance about resolving the Kashmir dispute as it enjoys a strategic relation with India. Russia and China too are more interested in their historical and strategic ties with India and refrain from forcing India to resolve the Kashmir dispute.

The world needs to realize that the most militarized zone of the world is not Syria or Iraq, its Indian administered Kashmir where the fighting is continued since 70 years yet none is concerned about the grave nature of this disputed land and its people. This situation is a clear example that our world is not covered by Humanity but by Power Politics and we as Humans have failed miserably.

Written by Umme Tehniyat – https://wordpress.com/post/blogs24seven.wordpress.com/37