Pak always supported Kashmiris politically, diplomatically and morally: Hurriyat (M)

Hurriyat (M) Wednesday thanked Pakistan (Pak) political parties and Pak government “for unanimously passing the resolution at the all party meet headed by PM Nawaz Sharif to support the people of Jammu and Kashmir in their struggle for right of self determination”.

Expressing gratitude to Islamabad, Pak political parties and people of Pakistan conglomerate in its statement said, “Pakistan being a party to the dispute, has always supported Kashmiris politically, diplomatically and morally at all levels.”

Appreciating the role played by political leadership and people of Pakistan “in supporting Kashmiris during the ongoing mass uprising, and highlighting the issue at international forums’, Hurriyat (M) said, “Pakistan was always ready to work toward a lasting solution of the dispute in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of Kashmiris.”

Hurriyat (M) said: “Large scale harassment and persecution of people across the valley continues unabated. Mass arrests, invoking of infamous public safety Act (PSA) arbitrarily against civilians youth human rights activists, volunteers, and party workers on fabricated grounds, destroying paddy harvests and fruits, ensuring losses to fruit industry by blocking highway, ransacking homes, nocturnal raids, destroying private property, shops, cars and showrooms, beating up inmates and threatening retribution for non compliance by the ruling dispensation show the extent of moral bankruptcy it has reached.”

“In the backdrop of such oppression it is incumbent upon those who claim to be elected representatives of the people and have enjoyed the fruits of power to take responsibility and stop the bloodshed and oppression,” Hurriyat (M) said, adding: “A group among them led by Omar Abdullah does issue regular statements showing concern over grave human rights abuses and repression, saying that ‘government is at war with the people of Kashmir’ and GoI should initiate a genuine political process for the resolution of the Kashmir dispute, but if they mean what they say it is their responsibility to push New Delhi and public opinion for a political solution in accordance with the people’s will and demands. If their attempts prove futile the least they can do is stand in solidarity with their people and resign.”

However, if they cannot muster the courage to make a serious attempt in the interests of the people of Kashmir, then they should simply remain silent, Hurriyat (M) said.

“Crocodile tears won’t help any more. It’s time to act and prove genuine convictions about the wellbeing of the people of Kashmir who are suffering. History and people judge by deeds not by words,” Hurriyatb (M) said.
The same is true for all ruling politicians , statement said, adding they should end their “criminal silence” over the killings of over 90 people, injuries to over 12,000 people, and arrest of over 6000 people.
Condemning the arrest of the Duktaran-e-Millat chairperson, Asiya Andrabi, Hurriyat (M) said, “The tactics of arresting resistance leaders and placing them under detention or house arrest would not cow down Hurriyat leaders or the people from pursuing their just struggle.’