Pakistan the collaborator

‘Bin Laden was taken out in a secret operation in Abbotabad city yesterday by US Special Forces who flew in from Afghanistan and Pakistan was told about it only when they had left Pakistan airspace,… it was decided (during the planning) that any effort to work with the Pakistanis could jeopardize the mission. They might alert the targets’.

      Leon Panetta, May 3, New York.

 Leon Panetta, the Director of American Intelligence agency CIA, thus minced no words in speaking his venom out. And stating clearly that US did not trust Pakistan.

 Pakistan as a nation has lost its honor and dignity ever since it courted Americans in the wake of 9/11. Once Americans hung it on a slippery pole of ‘do more’ it plummeted down and down. And the Lord kept flogging it: Spoiled this! Who would have told Islamabad that concubines are nourished (read aligned) for fun-making, not for love.

 The drone attacks, the Raymond Davis ignominious handling and now the Osama Bin Laden alleged killing in Commando action by US troops in Pakistan slumped Pakistan far deeper, from being a satellite state of the America to a nation sold. Pakistan government has, pawned its conscience to Washington for everything under the sky. There is no pillar of independence and integrity Pakistan nation can claim to have stood erect against wanton American aggression.

For the last five or seven years the US is using it unnamed plans (drones) to kill what it says ‘Al-Qaeda terrorists hiding in tribal areas’. But as the statics reveal the overwhelming number of those killed are innocent citizens of Pakistan, including children and women. Raymond Davis case has provided  Pakistan a God-sent opportunity of using a bar-gain chip (if not sent to gallows the US spy agent for murdering Pakistani citizens) in securing the release of Aafiya Sideeqa that US has falsely implicated and got ‘convicted’ for over 80 years. Not to speak of pressing for such a release, the Zardari government forced the parents (walees) of slain youth to accept the blood-money (Khoon-baha). But here too the power-intoxicated bleed the nose of Pakistan government. ‘No, we didn’t pay the blood-money’, the Americans screamed with arrogance. Who did then pay it? Obviously, prosecution (Pakistan government) itself. Aamir Usmani’s following lines aptly characterize the meek surrender of Mumli Kat-e-Khudada’t to the bullying Uncle Sam:

  Kyun huyai katal hum par yeh ilzaam hai
  Katal jis nai kiya woh mudee
  Qazi shar nay yeh faisla dai diya
  Lash koa nazr-e-zinda’n kar diya jayai ga
  Ab wakeeloon mein yeh bahas chaidnay lagee
  Who jo katil ko tohdee see zahmat huyee
  Who jo khanjar mein halka sa’a kham aagaya
  Is ka tawaan kis sai liya jaye ga

 In a meticulous, swift and affective way the US carried out the operation. It used four helicopters for the pre-dawn swoop of the high value target Osama, according to Americans, was hiding in a fortress like two storied house in Abottabad town of Khebar Pakhtoonkh, some 800 metres from famous Kakool military academy. It is said out of the four helicopters ‘two stormed at 1:30 am and 20 Navy Seals stormed the compound in cooperation with CIA’. Ladin died while fighting and other three persons, his son, wife and guard, are said to have also got killed. Americans took Ladin’s body in custody and flew away with his body. The whole operation was completed in just 40 minutes.

 Commando action of US forces involving helicopters to storm the  bastion of the ‘most wanted person of the world’, carrying a booty of 25 million US dollars, near the highly sensitive military academy, and Pakistan doesn’t get a wink of it, is a grave situation and doesn’t augur well for the nation that puffs up with being a seventh (and the only Muslim) nuclear-armed country. How it is that four helicopters flying hundred miles away from Afghanistan invade the country, violating its airspace and accomplish their ‘mission’ in 40 minutes, and tell Pakistan authorities about it only when they had left Pakistan airspace. Helicopters don’t keep silence, they blare out their arrival, make deafening sound. And then booming of gun in the ‘exchange of fire’! Where had the defenders of the ‘Islamic’ nation gone? Apart from Kakool academy, there are some police posts in the vicinity of the encounter site. Pakistan has been on high     alert ever since it joined ‘war against terrorism’. IED explosions and suicide attacks are now a regular phenomenon there. Most importantly, why its radar didn’t function and why its air force didn’t respond? Or can we draw the inference, those at the key posts both in military establishment and administrative set-up have collaborated with the Americans in exchange of dollars their coffers were filled in? Or, has Washington achieved the highly advanced technology with which it has put high officials at GHQ in Islamabad in a “Vegetative state’ only to let them regain conscience when Osama’s body was drowned in Arabian sea?

 Or, was, the operation ‘KIAE Geronimo’ a rehearsal for an ‘earth shaking’ event, that is in the making. To play Abottabad on Quhoota?

 The stunned Abottabad operation drowned Pakistanis in deep shame. More dangerously it has emboldened some other players in the region to embark on macho posturing. Because of the follies of the Pakistan leadership the country is passing through a critical   phase of its national existence. People in Pakistan have to wake up from their deep slumber. They have little time left to be content with the way things are shaping up in their country.