Paradigm shift in the foreign policy of USA

The ostensible paradigm shift in the foreign policy of USA, has said in his statement:
“Now US government concedes that armed revolt of Afghanistan is, in essence, armed insurgency of the Afghan patriots; it cannot be dubbed as terrorism."

What does the cautious calculated and discreet statement insinuate. Yes, it implicitly recognizes the stark reality and truth that Afghan freedom zealots are resisting the alien obtrusion and intervention through what we euphemistically call brawn-assertion. History testified once again that ideologically indoctrinated monotheists of Afghan could not be vanquished and subjugated even through carpet bombing and resilient blitzkrieg.

Afghan freedom votaries emerged victorious in their war of attrition against the Red Army (of erstwhile Soviet Union) and NATO forces of the Western imperial powers. Hats off to the chivalrous, undaunted and intrepid resistance warriors of Afghanistan who faced and resisted the onslaught of US and NATO forces with indomitable will and valour. The self-respecting ideologues and freedom adherents of Afghanistan displayed, through their sustained armed resistance, that freedom zealots of Afghan who have unflinching faith in God Almighty cannot be defeated in the battlefield.

Afghanistan should, in league with the brotherly country Pakistan, work for peace and gigantic task of reconstruction in the war-torn country. Pakistan, like an affectionate elder brother, will be magnanimous and generous in the matters of transit and trade. That is a way to ensure harmonious relations between the two almost identical ideological Muslim countries Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Again it is heartening to know that US government is conscious of the vulnerability and unpredictability in South-Asia. US administration is worried about the gradually escalating hostility and belligerency between India and Pakistan with special reference to the border skirmishes on the LoC and international border between the two warring nations. That is why US establishment emphasizes, in its unequivocal diplomatic jargon, that India and Pakistan should shun and abandon the course of armed collision; the two mutually polarized neighbours should start meaningful dialogue for the peaceful settlement of all the outstanding issues including Kashmir. 

Brother Barack Hussain Obama should, in the moments of solitude, try to have a reappraisal of the situation in South Asian region. Indian former premier Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, during his sojourn in Kashmir in 1947, addressed a mammoth gathering of Kashmiris on Nov. 11, 1947 and, while dilating on the insurgency in Kashmir, promised that India, as a democratic country, would allow the Kashmiris to determine the political future of Kashmir through a free and fair referendum and plebiscite.

Nehru reiterated his words of pledge and commitment on several occasions in Indian parliament and press briefings. Alas!, Indian rulers with imperialistic and chauvinistic mindset blatantly reneged on the commitment and tried to suppress the restive freedom loving Kashmiris through all the coercive modes of repression and oppression. Thus 600000 Kashmiris were martyred by the ruthless barbarian armed forces of India during the past 67 years. And the Indian scourge – gruesome killing of innocent people in acts of mayhem and carnage, loot and plunder, desecration of the holy shrines and outraging the modesty of women – literally converted Kashmir into a veritable hell where any Indian soldier is free to act as General Dyer with impunity and immunity guaranteed by the draconian laws like AFSPA and DAA.

In such a situation valiant and uncompromising youngsters of Kashmir, while following in the footsteps of the Kashmiri protomartyr Maqbool Butt, are asserting in the forests and mountains of Kashmir with the weapons which they snatch from the armed personnel of India. It is very difficult to checkmate their assertive militant activism because Indian tyranny and atrocity has fully infuriated and exasperated them. These fulminated intractable freedom zealots will feel pacified only when Indian imperialist rulers divest themselves of the colonial mindset and regressive chauvinism based on bigotry and bias.

No power on earth can intimidate and browbeat Kashmiri freedom zealots who are drawing inspiration from the great Kashmiri martyrs including the Maqbool Butt, Afzal Guru, Moulvi Farooq, Kh. Abdul Gani Lone, Jaleel Andrabi, Sheikh Aziz, S. Hameed, Dr. Qazi Nisar, Dr. G. Q. Wani and Moulana Shoukat Shah. Kashmir brave warriors like Ashfaq Majeed Wani and Maqbool Illahi died as martyrs while taking on the barbarian Indian soldiers in Kashmir.

Pakistan is commanding respect in the Muslim Ummah as a natural potent and assertive nuclear power. Pakistan, with the help of OIC countries and china, will thwart and checkmate any move to rope in India as Security Council member. We Kashmiris will chase the fascists of India with unprecedented resolve. Muslim countries should not be complacent about the designs of India. Saudi rulers, as the custodian of “Baladil Ameen (Makka)” should co-opt the brotherly Muslim countries especially Pakistan for creating a system of credible deterrence.

It is really regrettable that Muslim Ummah has lost its moorings as a Kheri-Ummat and Ummat-e-Wassat. Whither consciousness of Muslim Ummah as the repository of monotheism and Qur’an? The otiose sectarianism and group particularism has created schism, scission and dissension within Ummah. Now hypocrisy is the hallmark of our governance. Muslim rulers should understand that they are relevant only when they emphasize monotheistic puritanism.

Muslim Ummah can restore its position of past glory as a distinct ideological community only through comprehensive monotheistic Dawah and resistance. Resistance will remain always juxtaposed to Dawah. That is the ideal objectivity. So deliverance can be ensured through a futuristic campaign of renaissance.”