PDP, BJP embrace to roil Kashmir dispute

After a confusing political spell, both the PDP and the BJP have sealed a deal to set up a coalition administration in India-controlled parts of Jammu and Kashmir (ICPOJK). This was expected from day first following so-called elections in India-controlled Kashmir. 

In recent internationally contestable polls there the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) bagged 28, 25 seats respectively against a total 87 seats. 

The status of elections in ICPOJK cannot substitute the United Nations recommended yet-to-be hold international plebiscite. It was in the 1957 UN resolution that the Security Council had clearly stated that no local elections could replace plebiscite. Therefore the local polls there have no bearing at all on the international character of Kashmir dispute. 

India may pluck her own guitar strings, but the rythem of UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir would always ring higher in the ears of the global community. Being alive on Security Council agenda it can anytime crop up. Kashmiris have suffered most; are still suffering; over 600,000 have been sacrificed in their struggle;

There is a noticeable capitulation of PDP before Delhi drubbing. The dominant reason of capitulation of PDP to sit in the bloodied lap of Narindera Modi is that budget/expenses of ICPOJK are controlled by Delhi; therefore no system can work in ICPOJK unless the Srinagar administration fulfills the diabolic dicta of Delhi. 

Reports say that on March 1st the PDP-BJP coalition would be sworn-in, in Srinagar. The most ticklish points between the two parties were the intactability of Article 370 and withdrawal of much misused Indian armed forces special powers act (AFSPA). AFSPA is ICPOJK-specific. It is under this notorious act that Indian occupation forces enter the homes, apartments, compartments of Kashmiris to pick up teenagers, youth, women, to molest them and later to dump them into unmarked mass graves. When the European Union took note of the unmarked graves in ICPOJK, the number had gone to 24,000. 

Before approaching the portal of power the PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Saeed and his daughter Mohtarama Mehbooba Mufti had been demanding settlement of Kashmir dispute that accommodates the wishes of the Kashmiris. But after winning the elections Mr Mufti slept on Kashmir issue: power runs roughshod over principle. 

The hidden agenda of BJP has invariably been quite unpropitious: to change the demography and geography of Jammu and Kashmir. Hindutva is the fermentation of BJP. Already BJP induced legions converted over 2000 (per media reports) Muslims and Christians into Hinduism. 

The callous aspect of the situation is that the powerful West or USA took no notice of this mass forcible conversion. Modi himself was a US-sanctioned figure; but he managed his visit to USA in the glare of that sanction. This emboldens Modi to run the race of bigotry and narrow mindedness boldly. 

The unsolved Kashmir dispute is sour sore badly affecting the regional ties in South Asia. It is unsolved because India believes in, and practice the illogicality as her existential principle. She signs the UN Kashmir resolutions. When back home she announces brazen facedly that ‘Kashmir is internal’ to India. It is a fact that the world does not subscribe to the arrogance of India. The world wants a solution of Kashmir dispute via dialogue, no burst of fire. Pakistan as party to the dispute should evolve a strategy that fits in the frame of world community to the fulfillment of Kashmiri aspirations; the UN Kashmir roadmap is a peaceful way of solving this issue. 

If Kashmir dispute stays unsolved, the lately orchestrated American policy of selecting Asia as her international policy pivot would flounder on the rock of unsettled Kashmir and Palestine – two biggest Asian disputes. Therefore before handling the policy pivot, Washington should help solve both these disputes to have an Asia free of entanglements. 

The Kashmiri political party, PDP, should also keep this international policy play before its serious observation and stick to its pre-poll statements of settlement of Kashmir dispute.