PDP – BJP slogan now is “ek vidan, ek pradan, ek nishan, ek lagaan”

published July 22, 2017 by Hasan Mansoor

“JaK becoming a part of the GST System was politically significant as it signalled integration of the State with the rest of the country,” finance minister Arun Jaitley said while addressing a meeting of BJP workers and traders to commemorate birth anniversary of Shyama Prasad Mukerjee founder of Bhartiya Jan Sang. Mukerjee, as we know, soon after events of October 1947, resigned from the Union Cabinet and led, “ek vidan, ek pradan, ek nishan” movement inspiring demonstrations in its support. He entered Jammu and Kashmir without Permit, was arrested for the violation and breathed his last in custody.

Mr. Jaitley said, “GST was the culmination of a process where Mukerjee had spoken about complete integration of J&K with India”. Recalling the agenda of late Mukerjee, Mr. Jaitley pointed out “that time, Mukerjee had started the campaign for complete integration of J&K in India. Another big move in this direction started yesterday when J&K Assembly passed a Resolution to adopt GST. It has political significance”. According to him, the move was important for economic integration, which could not be done in 70 years.

Mr. Jaitley is a renowned lawyer. He does not make emotional or exaggerated statements. He neither appeals to sentiments nor plays to the gallery. He has not been part of “ramzadey, haramzadey” narrative. No one therefore can be nearer to truth as regards GST fallout on J&K autonomy than Mr. Jaitley. He is not alone in applauding the Coalition Government on its success in getting 101st Amendment extended to Jammu and Kashmir and helping remove last remnants of its autonomy. The event is being celebrated as victory by right wing forces across India. They believe that bringing J&K within GST fold is last leap in journey towards total integration of the State with Union of India.

The Chief Minister and her Party on the other hand try hard to sell Presidential Order (C.O. 269 of 2017) as an “achievement” and express her and her party members’ deep gratitude to the Central Government for “respecting sentiments of the people touching autonomy.” Where does the truth lie? Does the Presidential Order decimate whatever is left of the autonomy or the modifications incorporated safeguard the special status? Who is to celebrate – the followers of late Mukerjee for realising his dream of total integration or the people of J& K for having autonomy “intact” as they are made to believe? If a renowned constitutional lawyer like Mr. Jaitley wants his party cadres to celebrate GST extension as a step towards total integration, what are people of
J&K to celebrate – annihilation of autonomy? Let readers see for themselves. Before going to text of C.O let us try to understand some basics.

“No taxation without representation” is a political adage as old as the first democracy on this planet. It means that only an elected assembly has power to levy tax. Even a duly appointed Government lacks power to impose tax in absence of law enacted by legislature authorising such imposition. The reason being that power to levy tax belongs to people and is exercised by them through their elected representatives. It is a sovereign and not a mere resource mobilisation power. It includes power to decide on tax, tax exemptions, tax rates and over all tax policy. The fiscal autonomy, an important dimension of sovereignty is intertwined with political autonomy. With the power to levy tax lost, a State’s autonomy is lost.

Sovereignty, autonomy and freedom like modesty, chastity and honesty are concepts that do not approve of any trade off. These are invaluable. No one can convince us that as we may get a few billion rupees if we surrender autonomy, we better forget about it. Thousands in human history have laid down their lives to safeguard these concepts. Central African Republic with US $ 656 GDP per capita based on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) is the poorest country in the world. It, after a long struggle gained independence from France in 1960. The GDP per capita of France is US $ 43,653. Central African Republic, obviously would have been economically better off, had it continued to remain with France. It nonetheless struggled for and gained independence. Nearer home, Nepal with USD 2480 GDP per capita as against USD 6743 of India may witness economic prosperity if it joins India, more so when it is a Hindu State – the ultimate dream of rightwing forces in India and its important religious destinations and symbols are in India.
But Nepal is not ready even to hear about it and fiercely defends its independence. The decimation of autonomy, therefore, cannot be justified on the ground that we may get more than what we collect as indirect taxes, more so when the claim itself is doubtful as J& K while allowing GST, surrenders even service tax that was within its exclusive domain pre-GST regime.

The Constitutional amendment providing for GST was introduced in Parliament in 2014 (after 114th Amendment Bill, 2010 lapsed). The Bill landed in controversies from its very inception. The main objection to the Bill was that it would sound death knell for federalism and dismantle basic structure of the Constitution. The Government was therefore aware of the controversy from the date the Bill was introduced in Parliament. Be that as it may, the matter because of its adverse fallout on J&K autonomy deserved urgent attention, at least after the 101 Amendment got the Presidential assent on 9th September 2016. The J&K Government, however, maintained wilful silence and pretended to wake up a few days before the deadline fixed for GST implementation. It gave false impression of its desire to evolve consensus and tried to initiate a fake debate. The intention was not to encourage a genuine discussion but to spread the blame and make the dirt stick on every face. The design failed as the civil society groups, chamber of commerce and industries and all the traders’ bodies in one voice opposed extension of GST to the State. Unnerved, the Government admitted that 101 amendment was to badly impact autonomy but claimed to have a plan to safeguard it. The civil society groups asked the Government to put the plan in public domain for discussion and enable the experts to opine whether the plan would take sting out of GST and protect autonomy. The Government refused to share its plan. Ideally the Government should have entered into debate over the issue with civil society experts more so when its Minister had unleashed scathing attack on GST and vowed not to allow its application in Jammu and Kashmir, unless his statement was to make people complacent. It instead of respecting dissent labelled civil society request as blasphemy and resorted to arm twisting. It kept its proposal close to chest as it knew well that proposed modifications would be ripped apart and rejected by the public. The Government rushed through the matter with an undertaker’s haste, accorded concurrence to GST application and buried autonomy.

The Government is in a self-congratulatory mode and boasts of its success, when there is none. It claims to have protected autonomy by giving consent to application of 101 amendment in a modified form. The modifications made, according to the State Government, are “sufficient to safeguard” the special status. The claim made, as will be seen below is a big lie aimed to mislead the people.

The Government makes much noise about Section 3 of C.O. 269 stating that notwithstanding the Order Section 5 J&K Constitution shall remain intact. The assurance given is meaningless. The existence of Section 5 does not depend on Presidential assurance. It is an un-amendable provision of Jammu and Kashmir Constitution. The President while making a Constitutional order under Section 370, applies a Constitutional provision or an amendment to the already applied provision, to Jammu and Kashmir. Section 3 is not part of any Constitutional provision applied through C.O. 269 or previously applied. To illustrate it is not in nature of a Proviso to Article 246 A or any other Constitutional provision. It therefore is a mere statement without any legal sanctity and for public consumption.

Section 5 J&K Constitution does not define legislative and executive power of State in absolute terms. It defines such power with reference to the power of the Parliament to legislate on matters concerning the State. It provides that legislative and executive power of the State extends to all the matters except to those with respect to which Parliament has power to make laws for the State, under the provisions of Constitution of India. Whenever a provision of Constitution of India is made applicable to the State, Section 5 gets automatically eclipsed to said extent. The issue therefore is not whether Section 5 is intact but to what extent it has been eclipsed by extension of Constitutional provision(s) to the State. The State Government after consenting to application of Articles 246-A, 269-A and 279-A providing for GST, apportionment of Central and State shares in the taxes collected and GST Council as also its powers, has in effect consented to near total eclipse of Section 5 and surrender of fiscal and political autonomy of the State. The powers within exclusive domain of J&K legislature are now to be exercised by GST Council. What is to be taxed and at what rate, what is to be exempted and like matters decided by the State Assembly in the pre-GST regime are now to be decided by the Council. The State Government thus cannot turn around and insist that Section 5 is intact. It is a brazen attempt to deceive the people. The fact that Section 5 is now ineffective is borne out from the fact that power available to levy tax is now conferred by Article 246-A (1) and (4) on the State legislature and even the power given is not of much consequence as the SGST is a creature of 101 amendment and furthermore once all the taxes are subsumed in GST there is not much left for the State legislature. Had section 5 been intact, need to press into service section 246A would not arise. This is the reason that all the State Tax Laws have been repealed or amended by J&K SGST Act of 2017 passed by State legislature on 8th July, 2017. Had intention been to keep Section 5 intact Articles 246A, 269A and 279A would not have been extended to J&K and need to repeal all existing tax laws would not have arisen.

The modifications made in Articles 269-A and 279-A are inconsequential in context of autonomy erosion. The so-called “veto” power claimed to have been given to the State representative in the Council is of no importance and does not save the situation. It is to befool the people and used as a cover up for surrender of whatever autonomy was left with the State. The issue of Constitutional position of the State does not fall within the purview of powers and functions of GST Council and the provision for “concurrence” is therefore of no practical importance. The State representative is not to have any “veto” power as regards normal Council functions like decision on taxable goods and services, exemptions, fixation of tax rates, etc. Section 19 makes the real object of C.O. 269 more than clear by providing that all State Tax Laws inconsistent with the Constitution, not repealed would cease to be in force after one year. The President in terms of Section 20 is given power to apply any Constitutional provision or modify any provision applied by C.O. 269 to remove any difficulty. The 370 route is imperative even independent of the Order and the provision therefore no achievement.

From above it is clear that modifications made are a mere eyewash and do not in any manner neutralise adverse impact of GST on autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir. The 101st amendment notwithstanding modifications, in substance applies in the same form to J&K as to other States. The claim that autonomy of J&K has been safeguarded is a farce and a bare lie to hoodwink people. The irony is that the Chief Minister and her Party have strangulated autonomy to death and ask people to pay for the rope used to strangulate it and also celebrate its death. What shocks one is that the autonomy has been decimated by a political party that advocated dual currency – called “autonomy” too little and insisted that only “self rule” would take care of external dimensions of Kashmir issue. What a game of political deceit!

The people of Jammu and Kashmir have been victim of politics of deceit all through since 1947. The Chief Minister in her interview to Times of India on 26th November 2014 declared that “PDP wants no truck with the BJP” and that “BJP’s agenda is very divisive”. The Party nonetheless went ahead to forge alliance with BJP and execute its agenda of total integration. The Agenda of Alliance was claimed to provide for dialogue with all stakeholders including self determination parties and help resolve Kashmir dispute. The claim has turned out to be a farce. Its BJP author and his entire party insist that the Agenda restricts dialogue to parties that owe allegiance to the Constitution. The Chief Minister and the co-author of the Agenda neither muster courage to contradict Coalition partner nor admit that the Agenda actually does not provide for talks with resistance leaders and what they earlier stated was not correct. NEET, SARFAESI, New Industrial Policy, Minor Minerals Concession Order, etc., and now GST are different aspects of the agenda to rob J&K of its autonomy. While S.P. Mukarjee, raised the slogan “ek vidan, ek pradan, ek nishan” Chief Minister and her Party have infused life and blood in it, completed the unfinished task and added “ek lagaan” to the slogan. The PDP – BJP slogan now is “ek vidan, ek pradan, ek nishan, ek lagaan”. The end result is that J&K is stripped of autonomy that too at the hands of the people who vowed to protect it to the last drop of their blood.

It is heartening that with treachery all around, the civil society groups across the board, Chamber of Industries and Commerce and Traders’ bodies rose to the occasion, joined hands and in a democratic manner initiated debate on GST to help people articulate their views on the crucial issue. The unanimity amongst all sections of civil society marks an end to the “culture of complacence” cultivated by collaborators over the years. Everything, however, has not been that encouraging. An effort was made to reduce GST issue to traders’ issue and business community exhorted to settle the matter. It was not realised that GST issue is of importance for present and generations to come. The issue is not exorbitant tax rates, excessive power tariff or irregular load shedding so as to be put on the head of business community. Our businessmen are not tax evaders. They have been paying billions of rupees in indirect taxes every year. They oppose GST not because they have any business issues but for the reason that it impinges upon J&K autonomy. Trivialising the issue has created confusion, led to different interpretations and helped forces inimical to autonomy. GST is an autonomy issue and concerns all -across the regions and religions – no matter what profession and what background.

End word:
Kadam Kadam Pae Diyey Rehzanon Ney Fareeb
Ki Ab Nigah Mein Tauqeere Rehnuma Bi Nahi

The author a former judge is Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of

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    Tragedy of contradictions How absurd is it to prove lies with lies,The APDP believes that around 8000 persons were subjected to enforced disappearance in Jammu Kashmir. However, successive state governments have been issuing contradictory statements about the number of the disappeared. When I was in school, my father narrated a joke one evening. “There is a bulb in heavens which glows when somebody lies. The bulb bursts into pieces when Radio Kashmir broadcasts news. And, when All India Radio broadcasts its news and propaganda programmes about Kashmir, the entire system burns,” he said. I could not apprehend what he was trying to convey to me. But, years later, after joining the second oldest profession of the world, the joke made sense. I had a hearty laugh but my father was not around to see me laughing. I started working on the enforced disappearances in Jammu Kashmir while I was still a student of journalism in Kashmir University. Later the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) was formed and I also became its member. The APDP believes that around 8000 persons were subjected to enforced disappearance in Jammu Kashmir. However, successive state governments have been issuing contradictory statements about the number of the disappeared. The process of issuing statements on custodial disappearances started in July 2002. Former home Minister, Khalid Najeeb Soharwardy issued a statement on July 18,2002. He admitted 3184 custodial disappearances since 1989. Another statement was issued by the previous Government on February 25, 2003. “During 2000, 1553 persons disappeared in the state, 1586 in 2001 and 605 in 2002”, the govt informed the assembly. This was followed by former law minister, Muzaffar Husain Beig’s statement on March 25, 2003. He told the assembly that 3744 persons had disappeared out of whom 135 had been declared dead up to June 2002. This was followed by a shocking statement by the previous Government in April 2003. “Only 60 persons had disappeared since inception of militancy in the state.” These figures were provided during a joint press conference by the Prime Minister and the previous J&K Govt. This statement was contradicted on June 11, 2003 when it was said that 3744 persons were reported missing from 1990 till December 31, 2002. The tragedy of contradictions did not end here. In yet another statement, the minister of state for Home stated on June 21, 2003 that 3931 persons had been reported missing since 1989 to June 2003. When Ghulam Nabi Azad took over as Chief Minister, he informed the legislative assembly during zero hour in March 2006 that 693 cases of custodial disappearances had been registered. His deputy, Muzaffar Husain Beig informed the assembly on August 1, 2006 that sixty persons had disappeared during National Conference rule. On August 4, 2006 Azad told the legislators that 33 custodial disappearances had taken place since 1990-1996. On the next day (August 5) he said 60 persons were subjected to custodial disappearance since 1995-2006. Allah the almighty must have changed hundreds of bulbs during all these years. However, the situation has not changed even today when the incumbent government boasts of transparency. A statement about killings, arrests and injuries during the 2016 uprising was issued in the legislative assembly early this week and this time the bulb, I am sure, must have melted down completely. My revered father must be smiling in his grave. The government informed the legislative assembly about the number of killings, arrests, injuries during the uprising. The government claims do not match with the figures furnished by the Special Director General of Police (DGP), Coordination, Law and Order, SP Vaid in an interview with a local daily. While Vaid’s and government figures on killings match, there is a huge difference in the number of detentions under PSA. According to the government, only 318 persons were detained under PSA. However, Vaid, who now holds the post of Director General of Police said PSA was slapped on 500 persons. Vaid admitted the arrest of 5084 people, including 500 people under PSA. Earlier on November 22, the Indian government put the number of arrested at 7392 in four months of agitation in Kashmir. In another statement, on November 21, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, replying to questions of parliamentarians during ongoing session of Rajya Sabha said 280 Hurriyat leaders in Kashmir were arrested. However, the figures given by the police and Indian home ministry have been disputed by the human rights groups saying the number of arrests hover around 10,000. The government must know that 57 persons got killed in the first five days of the uprising starting July 8. The total number of killings is 105. Twenty-six persons died in Anantnag, 13 each in Kulgam and Pulwama. Shopian witnessed 10 deaths as 17 persons from Srinagar laid down their lives. Ten persons died in Budgam, one in Ganderbal, 7 in Baramulla, 6 in Kupwara and 2 in Bandipora. (JKCCS data) While ruling out Pakistan hand in the uprising said only 76 persons including two police men got killed in violent protests during the uprising.
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    Whither the probes?On the night of August 2, an ATM guard was killed on way to his home and his body was found thrown at the gate of Government Medical College, Srinagar. On August 17, a lecturer from Sharshali, Khrew Pampore was dragged from his home and beaten to death in custody. On the afternoon of August 18, government forces emptied pellet cartridge in the left arm of an ambulance driver. On October 7, a 7th standard student was killed at the entrance of his house while seeing off his aunt. Despite murder cases being registered and inquires being ordered by Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti in all these cases, the perpetrators are yet to be punished. SHABIR AHMAD MANGOO When Shabir was dragged from his home by army men, a pen from his hand fell on the verandah of his house. His 28-year-old widow, Yasmeena has kept the pen hidden in the almirah so that one day his son will write with his father’s pen. “We had not even completed three years of marriage and these brute Indian forces snatched my husband from me. What will I do now? What will I tell my one-and–half old son, where his father is,” says Yasmeena. She often sits in the room where Shabir last sat, feeling the absence of her “best friend”. “For days and nights he would sit in this room and prepare for National Eligibility Test. He was studying hard to qualify it this year. I would then request him to come out of the room for few minutes and go out for a stroll,” says Yasmeena, who randomly picks one of the many books Shabir would often read. Recalling the fateful day, Shabir’s sister Masrat says: “In the afternoon of August 17, there were protests going on afternoon in our village, but my brother was home, studying in his room. He was so engrossed in studies that he was least bothered about the outside world.” At 10:30 on that night, Masrat says: “Army men barged into our house, smashed the window panes of my younger brother’s sumo cab and dragged me by my hair. Shabir was inside, but after hearing the noise he came out and the army men took him along. They didn’t even give him time to wear shirt and dragged him out in his undershirt.” Yasmeena had gone to his parents’ house in Tral on the day of the incident, but a phone call from Masrat late in the night made her come back early morning. “With me came the body of my husband who had been beaten to death by the Indian forces. His arms, back, legs and chest all had been turned blue and purple by the forces,” says Yasmeena. At 6 in the morning, the family lodged an FIR against the Army men under Section 302 (murder) and 307 (attempt to murder) at police station Sharshali, Khrew. Four months after his death, Shabir’s family says, “The investigation is yet to be started in the case. Journalists and activists are the only people who have visited our house. No police official came to our home to even record our statement. ” “To settle scores with the family,” Masrat says, “The Commanding officer of Army at the local camp who had came to our house with his men called my father couple of weeks after the death and offered money and asked him to withdraw the case against him. But my father refused.” Shabir, a lecturer at Amar Singh College, lost his mother at a young age. His father took care of Shabir and his siblings. Among the siblings, Shabir studied the most and earned a job in Amar Singh College as lecturer in English. “My younger brother is a sumo driver, father is a labourer so Shabir was the only person who was taking care of the needs of the family. Now who will take care of us,” asks Masrat. “In television interviews Mehbooba Mufti says the death of the lecturer should be probed. But did she say it only to shut our mouths? Did she try to know where the investigation has reached? These all are tactics of politicians to fool people. I know how it works here and that’s why I am sad that I cannot even punish the killers of my husband,” Yasmeena says. RIYAZ AHMAD SHAH Walking through the lanes and by-lanes in Chattabal, Riyaz seems to have become a revered name. While asking people the way to Riyaz’s home- an ATM guard who was killed by the forces on way to home- smilingly say: “Martyr is live in heart, but still if you want to know the address, ask anyone on road he will guide to his home. He is our hero.” Riyaz’s house looks deceiving from outside, but inside it is properly furnished. “He was very hard working. In the daytime he would work as a salesman in Jamia Market and nights he would works as a guard in an ATM counter in Kanikadal. He would spend hard earned money on this house,” says Riyaz’s sister-in-law. “We are not able to find the culprit of my mamu, it’s been four months. And we don’t expect that he will ever be caught,” says Hina Jan, Riyaz’s niece, who says she was closet to him of all his nieces. Hina, a 10th standard dropout, explains how Riyaz was killed by forces. “He came to my home in Batamaloo in the morning, took shower, had tea and left. He had to arrange a SIM card for one of our neighbors. After spending time with us, he left for Fateh Kadal where his brother lives and in the evening again came to our home. So he was quite busy for half of the day.” “At 8 in the evening,” Hina recalls, “He left for the ATM. At 10 in the night, his brother called him and asked to come home, as they were waiting for him for dinner. Riyaz asked to wait for couple of minutes as he was on way. Two minutes passed, the brother again called, and he said he is coming in a minute. And when one minute also passed, the brother again called, but he didn’t answer the call.” Hina who is staying at Riyaz’s place since the day he died says, “An hour later, we received a call from Riyaz’s number and some people asked us to immediately reach GMC and asked us to get a female along. And when we saw Riyaz mamu’s body thrown near the gate of GMC, we all went in a state of shock. We are yet to come to terms with the reality.” Police initially claimed that Riyaz had been stabbed, but the autopsy confirmed multiple pellet injuries as the cause of death. Following the autopsy report, the family registered an FIR in Karan Nagar police station. And till this date, nothing has been done to book the culprits. “Nothing has happened since we lodged an FIR. We are yet to know who killed my brother,” says Shakeel Ahmad, Riyaz’s brother. JUNAID AHMAD AKHOON Just a day after Junaid Akhoon was killed by government forces at the entrance of his house in Eidgah area of Srinagar, the government called for a probe. But two months after his death, the probe in the case is yet to be initiated. “The probe was just a hoax to calm down the people who had taken to streets after the death of my brother. And what will the government probe? It is they who have given these pellet guns to the forces and asked them to use it. They just follow the orders of their bosses,” says Iqra, Junaid’s sister. Junaid, a 7th standard student, was seeing off his aunt, who had come to see him. “He was enjoying the day with the nieces and then left for prayers. An hour later he went out with his mother to see off our aunt and was shot dead by forces,” says Iqra. The family rushed Junaid to SKIMS Soura, but because of severe blood loss, he succumbed to his injury late in the night. In the morning when people were preparing for the funeral of Junaid, police fired teargas canisters and pellets on the funeral procession. The killing evoked widespread condemnation from political parties who demanded a time bound probe. “Two constables had come to our place in the first week of November and asked us to give details about the killing. We gave them the firsthand account. But nothing happened after that, and nothing will,” says Iqra. Inspector General of Police, SJM Gillani maintained that investigations are going on in these cases. GHULAM MOHAMMAD SOFI Ambulance driver, Ghulam Mohammad Sofi was ferrying patients to SMHS hospital when CRPF personnel fired 365 pellets in his left arm near Safa Kadal. “The doctors say, 100 pellets are still in my arm which needs to be taken out,” says Sofi. With pellets lodged in his arm, Sofi drove the ambulance with his injured hand and reached SMHS hospital where the volunteers rushed him to emergency ward. “The ambulance drivers have been working in the line of fire since the uprising started, but that say I had a smooth passage. No police official stopped me. But at Eidgah, a CRPF man was sitting alone and he looked angry. He asked me to stop, I did and he aimed the pellet gun straight into my face, I hid my face with my hand and he fired the pellet in my arm,” Sofi says. The CRPF man was suspended and a departmental inquiry was initiated, which as of yet has not been completed. Inspector General of CRPF, Atul Karwal said, “The local police will be doing the investigation now, they were too busy in controlling the situation. As far as the departmental inquiry is concerned we need the reports from local police, then only can we close the inquiry.” shafaq@risingkashmir.com
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash Tear gas shell kills downtown youth death toll rises to 69 • authorities enforce stringent day-night curfew in valley • protests, clashes at many places; over 100 sustain injuries _ kashmir awareness operation praying mantis | A job cost sheet include On: 2016-12-06 06:32:59
    […] Working girl quotes We betrayed people of Kashmir from time to time and it is an fact now Kashmiri people have lost all sorts of trust and faith in India,” Wajahat Habibullah told Kashmir based news agency CNS and added that Kashmir is a big blot on the Indian political system. Site: http://www.kashmirawareness.org/tear-gas-shell-kills-downtown-youth-death-toll-rises-to-69-%E2%80%A2… […]
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash javeed On: 2016-11-27 03:44:39
    A Kashmiri student was allegedly beaten by his non-Kashmiri college mates in Kharar Mohali in Chandigarh on Friday when he was heading towards his college. Reports said that the student, identified as Haris Shakeel Khan, son of Shakeel of Khan resident of Kadipora Anantnag, was waylaid by the assailants after he left for his college, DOABA group of colleges located at Kharar Chandigarh. He was taken to Civil hospital Kharar for treatment where from he was referred to Govt hospital Chandigarh for further treatment. Reports said that Khan received injuries in his head and backbone and is undergoing treatment at the hospital. “I was proceeding towards the examination centre where I had to appear in Environmental Engineering paper of B. Tech 5th semester. About 15 to 20 students started thrashing me without saying a single word. I received many injuries due to which I could not appear in my examination," he said. Khan alleged that he was beaten because of his Kashmiri identity. “We are being threatened, beaten for no reason. Our only problem is that we are Kashmiri. We appeal to the JK Government to intervene into the matter to end our sufferings.”
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash muzaffar mir On: 2016-11-12 03:09:27
    Malik shifted to Central jail on remand up to JKLF Condemns house arrest of Geelani, Mirwaiz;Meanwhile, terming re-arresting of Malik and other separatist leaders as worst kind of dictatorship under the disguise of democracy, JKLF vice chairman Mushtaq Ahmad Ajmal said that curbing peaceful voice of people by arrests, nocturnal raids, curfew and restrictions cannot be termed but as worst dictatorship and choking space on peaceful activities actually amounts to denying democracy and freedom of speech. While condemning the house arrest of veteran leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Mohammad Umar Farooq and disallowing Friday prayers at Jamia Masjid Srinagar, Ajmal said the tall claims of democracy and battle of ideas have been exposed now as from last four months even Friday prayers at Jamia Masjid have been banned by ‘so-called democratic rulers’.
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash waseem qadir On: 2016-11-04 20:41:18
    BOSE Chair Zahoor Ahmad Chatt daugther should have received pellet in her eyes,then we would like how he would conduct exam for his blind children.shame on there indian agents.
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash Inamsa On: 2016-11-01 02:45:14
    Hurriyat Conference (M) on Monday criticized the former chief minister Omar Abdullah for showing concern over the future of Kashmiri children as “few years ago, he (Omar) didn’t hesitate facilitating the killing of 120 youngsters”.
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash MAZLOOM On: 2016-10-24 00:00:39
    A recent statement by Narinder Modi of India that he followed Israely MO about carrying out disputed and dubious so called surgical strikes against Azad Kashmir demonstrates the collaboration of the Jewish establishment and the Nazi RSS of India. India needs to learn that with all the oppressive measures Israel has undertaken it has failed to suppress the flame of freedom of occupied Palestinians and India will end up destroying itself in the process of occupation, brutal oppression and scorch earth policy in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. India is trying every possible means it can muster and even her quislings to fool the world regarding it`s genocidal brutalities the rouge and subhuman Indian occupation forces are involved against the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Omar Abdullah who comes from the foremost collaborator and quisling families has been directed by his Indian masters these days to try cover up the facts regarding Indian draconian human rights violation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. It is the same Omar Abdullah who a while ago was shedding crocodile tears regarding the genocide the Indian government and it`s occupation forces are involved in the occupied land of Jammu and Kashmir. This man`s grand father not only sold his soul for few Indian pennies but subjugated his nation for personal and his family`s material benefit. The quisling family of Omar Abdullah is squarely responsible as to what is going on In Jammu and Kashmir. We all need to recognize and understand this and counter this man`s lies he is selling as a puppet of RSS of India. We need to identify these Indian collaborators and let not only our nation but whole world know that individuals and groups like this man are ready to sell their soul any time for a penny. This man was in charge of puppet set up of India in Jammu and Kashmir in 2010 and he introduced the pellet gun used by the rouge Indian occupation forces then and now resulting in deaths and the loss of vision of more the 1000 innocent human beings so far. He needs to be confronted with the fact that he and his infamous family can not keep on fooling the people in occupied land and in the world and if he has any decency left in him that he should try to redeem himself.
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash Muzaffar Ahamad On: 2016-10-23 23:42:16
    Yasin Malik severely ill: JKLF ‘Appeals people to pray for his speedy recovery’
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash Muneer shayir On: 2016-10-20 02:52:56
    A pellet victim’s plea to CM: ‘Bring back my vision, will appear in exams’,Another victim’s mother slams govt for ‘enacting exam drama to show normalcy’
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash TNN On: 2016-10-18 02:47:07
    At Brics, Russian silence on Pak terror stuns India.China blocked India's attempts to name JeM and LeT in the Goa Declaration, wherein the Brics member states pledged to "relentlessly pursue" outfits designated terrorist groups by the UNSC, but what has hurt the government more, sources said, is Russia's disinclination to argue India's case. The result, of course, was a declaration which failed to address India's core concern, or the issue of state-sponsored terrorism. What compounded the matter for India was Russia's recent military flirtation with Pakistan in the form of an anti-terror exercise. In current global power play, Russia is increasingly seen as needing China more than the other way round, but Moscow's submission to Beijing's position on an issue related to India's security has still come as a revelation to New Delhi. While Russia did not help India name-check JeM, which perpetrated both the Pathankot and Uri attacks, in the declaration, it ensured that Syria-based Jabhat al-Nusra was. As it seeks to bolster the Bashar al-Assad regime, Russia has continued to target al-Nusra, which it accuses of pursuing, through barbaric methods, a caliphate in Syria. Al-Nusra is among the groups fighting to topple al-Assad. Like Nusra, JeM and LeT too are proscribed by the UN. Strategic affairs expert Brahma Chellaney said Moscow appeared willing to accommodate India's concerns, but, in the face of Chinese opposition, shied away. "The result was that the declaration failed to mention the most potent form of terrorism in the world, which is state-sponsored," he added. With Russia doing precious little for India, China has managed to shield Pakistani terrorism not only at the UN Security Council but also at a multilateral summit on Indian soil. In doing so, Chellaney said, China rode roughshod over Indian concerns and showed itself culpable in the killing of 26 Indian soldiers at Uri and Pathankot. Top Comment Ultimately everything boils down to economic prowess of India. Political strength is a function of economic power. There can never be a short cut to gain edge in international political circuit. Indi... Read More Sangeet Kumar SEE ALL COMMENTSADD COMMENT While Russia itself has been the clear winner in terms of Brics' focus on security-related issues, China continues to calls the shots on financial issues, leading to questions about the utility of Brics for India. "China uses Brics to advance its economic and political interests, including dominating the two financial mechanisms that the grouping has set up. But what does India get from Brics?" Chellaney said. "Goa showed that while China manages to get its own way, even at India's expense, Indian officials do little other than put on a brave face. Even earlier, when China secured the right to host the Brics bank, Indian officials were left flaunting a consolation prize — that an Indian would be the bank's first president," he added. The Goa Declaration came just a day after President Vladimir Putin assured PM Narendra Modi that Russia would do nothing to hurt India's interests. But, as MEA secretary Amar Sinha admitted, there was no consensus on naming Pakistan-based terror groups because other nations are not affected by their actions. Stay updated on the go with Times of India News App. Click here to download it for your device.
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash ikhlas Lone On: 2016-10-10 01:42:02
    Ikhlas Lone 11 hrs · Riyadh, Saudi Arabia · Examination Cancellation Application To: - Uncle Nayeem Akhtar -Education minster Government of J&K From: - Junaid Ahmad Akhoon -SaidPora Srinagar, J&K. Subject: - Cancellation of my Examination. Dear uncle, I want to bring this into your notice that I (Junaid Ahmad Akhoon, Student of Class 7th, Roll number 29, New Bonvivant English School Srinagar) may not be able to Sit in Annual-2016 Examination which you Scheduled to conduct in the Month of November 2016.Because of the reason that I have already traveled very far from you. I was near my Gate when a “friendly looking Police Uncle” came closer to me and shot a pellet towards me. I am pretty sure that it was a mistake as he may have perceived me a wanted stone thrower which I wasn’t. I have no complains to that Police Uncle. My neighbors tried to furry my injured body to hospital but I shortly breathed my last. Though some Doctor Uncle’s tried to put my Dead Body on Ventilator, but my attendants saved me from that torture. Please delete my all old records & results and not to issue any roll no. slip/Result under my name to my family, As we have seen in case of “Shaista Hamid of Lelhar Pulwama”- Who was Declared pass after 2 month of her death. I am grateful to you that you have sent me to a place where my teacher namely “Shabir Ahmed Monga” of Pampore is already there. Now I have plenty of time to study under him and learn the language of Reasoning and Critical thinking. I am also thankful to you for letting me meet my Childhood Friend “Faizan Buhroo of Old Town Varmul” who was caught, Beaten & thrown into River Jhelum from Azad Gunj Bridge Varmul. We will have great time together and roam the streets of heavens without the fear of being killed/Blinded or maimed. Please convey my message to “Mehbooba Aunty” not to come over my Grave. I can’t listen her saying “Aap Mujse Naraaz Tu Nahi” for that matter “Mai Unse Naraaz Nahi Hun”. I am Sorry to Shah Faesal Uncle that I couldn’t be a part of his campaign on kashmirbox.com where he initiated giving books and other stuff to blind children. Though they may have any plan to blind me but the sober policeman uncle killed me instead. I am personally thankful to that policeman uncle who killed me rather than blinding me. And releasing the burden of my parents from “raising a Blind Child than Mourning a Dead Child” As I see the pain of parents of Aamir Kabir Beigh of Old town Varmul who was blinded for buying the medicines for his mother. Please don’t harass my father I will convenience him not to file any report or FIR. I hope you’ll not call him to Police Station and Threat/Harass/Warn him if he tried to demand justice. As I saw in case of Tufail Mattoo's father. I really feel highly obliged to thank you for such a smoky farewell – Only the chosen sons get that kind of farewell. Though my eyes were closed and body motionless but I could feel the freshness of PAVA Shells and Smoke hand grenades. Yours Truly Loving / Caring But not Living Student Junaid Ahmad Akhoon.
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash MAZLOOM On: 2016-09-19 05:13:53
    The drama in Uri in Indian occupied Kashmir is as usual a clumsy attempt of colonial India to divert the world attention from it`s repression, killing of innocent children, men and women and use of brute force against the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. One can logically argue as to why would India indulge in killing it`s own people, in this case army, one has to take a peek in India`s past behavior. Remember Chetti Singhpora of south Kashmir few years ago when Indian army massacred large number of Sikhs in order to impress upon a foreign dignitary as to how Pakistan was interfering in India`s affairs. Staging of fake militant encounters in Assam and Kashmir by Indian army has left it`s hands drenched with innocent blood in these places. ( please refer to books by K Bhattacharjee`s Blood On My Hands and M Khanna`s In A State Of Violent Peace. ) Moreover Indian state never cares about it`s poor people which supplies the lower cadre of army as is evident by it`s tolerance of one ever hour suicide rate of it`s farmers without even talking about it. India needs to Know that it cannot keep fooling the sensible human beings of the World all the time. Jammu and Kashmir will get free from the unholy and bloody clutches of India whether she likes it or not. IA.
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash Riya Sharma On: 2016-09-15 06:44:56
    Thanks for sharing useful information for us.I really enjoyed reading your blog, you have lots of great content
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash MAZLOOM On: 2016-09-12 14:22:18
    We all knew that Indian rouge occupation forces did not believe in humanly behavior but after the events in Kareemabad in district Pulwama of occupied Jammu and Kashmir it is clear that this rouge army is populated by subhuman creatures. The home minister of colonizer India has ordered his rouge subhuman army to control the legitimate struggle for freedom of the people of Jammu and Kashmir in a week, this speaks volumes about this individual, his government, his nation and his class of people. We however should not be surprised by this behavior as we have seen the people of this home minister`s nation consider a cow superior to a human being. Human evolution unfortunately has not been a part of Indian brahmin class which still behaves like hyenas. India needs to be reminded that people who are on truth and have lost the fear of death can not be defeated in their struggle for breaking the shackles of enslavement. For me, I ask mercy full Allah SWT hai kahaan rozay makafat aie Khudai darugir.
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash The one chant that India has been unable to gag; “Hum kya chahtey… azaadi” | Tera News On: 2016-07-28 18:34:27
    […] bid from across the Line of Control at the Machil Sector in North Kashmir’s Kupwara district by killing three ‘militants’ from Pakistan. However, it was subsequently established that the encounter had been staged and […]
  • Profile picture of Tasaduq Nakash Inamsa On: 2016-07-26 02:44:05
    India betrayed people of Kashmir: Wajahat Habibullah on Monday lamented that India failed to win the hearts of people of Kashmir and kept on repeating ‘blunders’ that always proved counterproductive. “I am deeply disappointed the way India has been handling the situation in Kashmir. Innocent civilians are being killed. We betrayed people of Kashmir from time to time and it is an fact now Kashmiri people have lost all sorts of trust and faith in India,” Wajahat Habibullah told Kashmir based news agency CNS and added that Kashmir is a big blot on the Indian political system.


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