Pellet-hit 18-month-old Hiba undergoes 2nd surgery

The family of 18-month-old pellet victim, HibaNisar, is desperately waiting for the moment when their daughter would regain sight in her right eye as she underwent a second surgery at SMHS hospital here Wednesday.
Hiba’s family is still grief-struck, moist-eyed and shocked as their daughter, the youngest pellet victim in Kashmir, is unable to tell them whether she is able to see with the pellet-hit eye or not.
Her father Nisar Ahmad Bhat was waiting outside the ophthalmology operation theatre at SMHS hospital and eager for the moment Hiba would regain sight in the damaged right eye.
“I break down when I see her face. We are yet to come to the terms as the fateful day still hunts us but we are hopeful she will recover fully and we pray for it. I want to send her to school so that she studies like other children,” Bhat said.
An ophthalmologist at SMHS hospital who operated upon Hiba said the youngest pellet victim was operated second time and that they had removed the pellet from her eye.
“She needs to remain under observation. Right now we can’t say anything about her vision,” the doctor said.
Medical Superintendent, SMHS, DrSaleemTak told Rising Kashmir that Hiba needed to be put under medical observation.
“After medical observation, we can talk about the damage caused by the pellet. Basically, her eye had suffered injury due to which the liquid inside was leaked and that was treated in the first surgery,” he said.
She underwent first surgery on November 25, the day she was hit by a pellet.
Hailing from Kaprin village, Hiba was at home on the day six militants and a civilian were killed at Batagundnear Kaprin.
Intense clashes between youth and government forces followed the gunfight.
Recounting the incident, Hiba’s mother MarsalaBano said they were sitting inside their home and never thought they would face such a tragedy.
Aggrieved Bano said Hiba was hit by the pellets fired by the government forces through the front door.
Bano too was hit by pellets on her left hand.
Pellet Victims Welfare TrustPresidentMuhammad Ashraf Wani said they had registered 1253 pellet victims as its members from 2016.
“This year, we registered 200 pellet victims with us. In the last week of November this year, around 30 pellet victims were added to the list,” said Wani, who was hit by pellets in October 2016, months after the killing of HizbulMujahideen commander BurhanMuzaffarWani.
In 2010, a lethal weapon pellet-gun was introduced in Kashmir to help control protestors but proved devastating.
Since then it has snatched the vision of many and ruined their lives.