Plundered Milieu of Kashmir

Whenever we try to notify the straitened circumstances of a civilization, then we have to mention the several methods which change the shape of humanity. Some of them are the war like environment, famines, bad governance and poverty. But most important means of this nastiness is, when a person fails to discriminate between the weal or woe, and after then the system witnesses a tumult and discord. But if he ascertains his ways along the virtues, he feels tranquility not only in his life but whole around. If he makes wickedness his goal, the depravity come in his life and prevails all around. He then neglect the humanity and its welfare. The impieties he keeps grow on and at one stage he underestimates the importance good deeds. His soul goes dead when he forgets others and always thinks of his own. One of the above mentioned agents’ wars destroy the world of a single generation but when evil flourishes in a person, corruption remains at the top. This inducement generates an environment where only maliciousness rules. It is a disease which kills the virtues and remains unavoidable for others.
This is adopted by those who believe capitalism as their religion without keeping beauty in their minds. Morality never resides in their souls and minds. If we try to reach the roots of this system then the educational system without morality is to be blamed. Bribery engenders a society where justice always surrenders before the authoritarians, because its lifeline languishes in their vindictive hands. Common masses are left in such an environment where they have to breathe with this polluted air and are compelled to move forward with the worldly covetousness. Life then enters a phase where crooked souls are respected only. Such souls neither worship Almighty nor allow others because of their bad deeds. They suppose to be the gods and in fact they have forgotten their own creator and destroyer. Bribery makes them blind and they feel pride after taking hefty amounts from the necessitated ones. They think that they are helping someone but in fact they are depriving one from his right and making trouble for others. Such major negative developments have made a solid place in the nasty minds. On the other side virtuousness lost its value importance before these corrupt minds. Derailing justice becomes their hobby and creating troubles become their goal. 

If western educational system and life style is viewed upon, no doubt it lacks the moral and religious perspectives but civic senses are prospering at a great speed. Such a sagacity is generated which keeps society at the top, that is why development in real senses is the outcome. We claim that our educational system comprises both western and religious elements, so outcome should be greater than theirs, but results are known to every body. We have witnessed tremendous scams flourishing in nook and corner of our state and are even rising under the patronage of our authoritarian class. Question arises that if powerful hands can not prevent it then these hands may be soaked well in it. For the promotion of this evil (corruption), such a lobby is fashioned out which looks after it and work for increasing its net. In such conditions, society goes excavated and human values goes embezzled. Elements responsible for this crime are saluted every where because their value boosts up due to the polluted environment. It is unambiguous that we can not blame the responsible hands of corruption only but government also sails in the same boat. They always welcome such elements whose objective is to create a dilemma every where. After their retirement they get more terms not for servicing the people but for acquiring more black money. 

Once common masses try to consider the pros and cons of this crime they adopt it with a frustration and chaos. Their annoyance remains silent as the system has been designed in such a way that refusing means failure. Continuum of scandals conveys that the infected system goes forward with more contamination and its reversal is looking somewhat impossible. Any voice if raised against this felony gets tiredness very quickly because the situation sans the hearing and supporting souls and soon it fades away by estimating no revolution. Right from 1846-47 Kashmiris were sold and bought by this or that means and the human aspirations were buried openly. With the passage of time bribery or corruption changed many titles, some where it is called as “Refreshment” and some where it is called as “official expenditures”. By giving this evil so many different names, a shift is provided to it, so that it may transfigure from illegal to legal. Ironically mentioning here many departments in our state are demanding an illegal share known as “percentage” from already engaged and

 needy persons. Here they go for swindling purposes without any fear because they know every corner of corrupts very well.
It now after its growth has caused such a dilemma where the opening doors seem to be far away. We must know the continuity of scams is flourishing under a super vigil of our high class otherwise its bacterium would have been destroyed. If our higher ups are out of this malady then their challenging contribution might have been hailed from all shades of life. The trimmings of corruption under the nose of our ruling class are witness to its opulence. We have scrutinized infamous sex scandal of 2006, but culprits were acquitted in such a way that no such scam has occurred. Drug scandal which also involved our swanky folk after getting nod killed many innocents beyond leaving many paralyzed. The medicines brought for the poor people were not only spurious but inflated the infection of our patients. What the poor people got is the grave and what corrupts got is their luxurious life. Unearthing any scam does not mean that corruption ended with its immediate end or there is no other scam going on but they get more strength as they adopt strictness to the great extent. Employment advertisements on the other hand open new doors for the bribery because needy does not want to leave any chance. Brokers on such occasions get a sigh of relief because their benefits are lying with these processes. 

What will you expect from such a system where intelligent minds loose their weight while stupidity and dullness gets honour? Corruption tool is utilizes in such a manner where your doctors and engineers are average minded. Many housing colonies were erected without any judicial nod which poses a great threat to our ecology. River banks were transformed into business hubs as seen in the vicinity of famous tourist resort Pahalgam and this is also happening with the support of our ruling class. Fate lies here, when this particular class advises common masses to change but never change themselves. Why they adopt blindness when their role comes necessary in the safe guard of humanity. Are not they answerable in such circumstances. It is evident that if any official buys a piece of land at high prices means his hands are soaked in the corruption. With a fixed salary, how can any bureaucrat or any officer manage this sort of deal? Every transaction involving our top level officials need a thorough probe. 

Unearthing scams at the regular intervals of time is a good sign for delivering justice but leaving hope there alone, is not a good one. For the sake of humanity, such laws are needed where everything should remain transparent. Efforts are needed from both the ruling class and the ruled ones in order to get the transparency and clarity of every work; otherwise this evil may infect every innocent life in the future. After breathing in this hustle and bustle atmosphere full of criminals such a mechanism should be created where these nasty souls are evicted and dishonoured. Govt on the other hand should not feel pride while exposing these scams, as their duty is to show zero tolerance towards this evil. The corrupt hands must not be given a safe heaven under the political umbrella but should be abandoned from the system with a solid blow. Their nepotism and biased behavior must be checked under a strong vigilance, so that no other such element may try to overturn the delivery of justice.