Police probe indicts army Still killers would strut unaccountable

‘We are surprised who fired upon
him. I checked the ammunition of my men and found that they had not wasted a
single bullet’
                                       ___ Brigadier 3 Sector Rashtriya Rifles,
Brij Gopal Sharma
                                                                                            (GK, October 27, 2013)
is how army pulled up sleeve of innocence and strode in pride to register its
disassociation and stamp out any role of its involvement in the killing of a 19
year school going Irfan Ahmad Ganaie. And now the police investigation has
ripped apart the innocence robs of the Indian ‘Security forces’ and found the
imprints of the marauding troops right in the 3 Sector Rashtriya Rifles (RR)
under Brigadier Sharma’s very nose.
is in place to mention that the cute boy hailing from Markundal, Bandipora was
killed by the 13 RR outside his home on June 30, 2013. The killing sparked
massive protests in the district in which another youth Tariq was murdered by
the same brigade.
police inquiry has straightaway indicted army for the heinous crime and
revealed how it ‘hatched conspiracy’ to kill Irfan. ‘Keeping the evidence and
circumstances in view’, the police investigation says, ‘it has been found that
the troopers of Army’s 13 RR killed Irfan Ahmad in a firing incident’. The
report, uncovering the murderous intent of the guilty cops, lays it bare that
’13 RR plotted the killing of Irfan on June 30’. Earlier the victim’s family
accused army of being involved in Irfan’s extra-judicial murder. It was suspected
that Irfan was killed for ‘monetary gains’ by the army in collaboration with
its source, Manzoor Ahmad Sheikh, a driver who used to work with the said RR
for the past couple of years. After he was arrested by police on July 4,
Manzoor spelled the beans and exposed the entire plot before the media.
should have been let up in the killings by the armed personnel of the much
touted ‘disciplined’ force after such incidents hog the media lines and huge
demonstrations surge the streets, but the unabated recurrence of such gruesome
tragedies reveal that the malicious intent is connived at by the rulers at Delhi. That, in
euphemism, implies a tacit sanction behind such killings. Already drugged with
“above the law” inviolability, that the draconian AFSPA virtually dopes them
with, the “security forces” have, as the records show, have got away with the
plot to take the life of a Kashmiri youth for ‘monetary gains’ reveals how in
the eyes of New Delhi and its occupying force the value of a kashmiri fetches.
For some currency notes and an odd out of turn promotion, the culling of
Kashmiri youth is the enterprise that the unaccountable forces personnel think
they can easily have their tryst with. And when such brutal killings have the
protective covers of the brigades, who amongst the ‘valiant’ Indian forces will
remain frigid? Brigadier Gopal’s temerity to strut with his chin high up and
deny any involvement serves a tender for the “aspirants” in his command to come
and prove your prowess in the killing field of Kashmir.
final report submitted by the police to the court under Challan No. 99 of 2013
states that army has not cooperated in the investigation. According to report,
‘army is yet ton submit vital information like the role of troopers, type of
weapons with butt numbers and details of vehicles along with their drivers
involved in the search operation on that ill-fated night. In this regard dozens
of letters were shot to army officers including Commanding Officer seeking
vital information which is still awaited’.
involvement in killing of Markundal youth comes just five days after a
magisterial probe indicted soldiers of Army’s 46 RR for killing a youth, Tahir
Sofi in Baramulla in March this year.
of army personnel through commissions or probes notwithstanding, till this date
not a single perpetrator has been punished. That clearly indicates that such
investigations serves Delhi;
to (i) hoodwink world community and (ii) extract a laughing prescription for
its tired muscles.